Parent  Coaching Sessions

I help shift  the perspective of parents to a way more positive one of their children. We've all heard of the terrible twos and how teens turn into unrecognizable monsters, right? We shift our lenses and learn to see the good that is already there.  I provide parents with tools so they can respond instead of react to their children's big emotions and build their confidence that got lost along the way. Parenting is such an important job.


In our sessions, parents learn to be less overwhelmed and less stressed and become more calm and experience joy on their parenting journey!

Listen to an interview on Anna Seawald's Authentic Moments podcast about parenting!

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"...eye opening"

I attended Isabelle's workshop because I needed help with communicating with my 20, 18 and 13 year old. She helped me see that talking to them is not all about me and my desires and I learned new ways of communicating. One thing I liked the most was her honesty and her ability to be real. I found the  experience to be amazing and eye opening.I feel that sitting under her teaching would benefit any parent with children of all ages. 


Faith K., 47

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