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Don't Frame Your Past-Frame Your Future

Updated: Aug 31, 2019

Don't Frame Your Past -

Frame Your Future

Hi friends, this has been on my heart and I need to share it. We all have a past that we think defines us. We have stories we tell our mind or other people over and over. We are stuck. Or so it seems.

When I had my first mentor/coach, I sure felt stuck. Stuck and frustrated in my parenting and in my marriage, as a friend, as a Christian....just all over.

The best thing that happened to me is that someone gave me permission to create a new future. To start dreaming again and have a vision for my future. I have to tell you, that felt good. And scary at the same time. This vision hasn't left me. I believe it is a God given vision. It won't go away! My vision is to help transform people's lives. In their relationship with themselves, their children and their partners.

One women said her level of depression went from 80% to 40% over the course of 6 sessions. Her outlook on herself changed from the inside out and it infiltrated her marriage, her work-space and her family. How beautiful is that? If you want some infusion of joy back in your life, call me! I started telling myself a new story. The new story of me being a calm and kind mom. A joy filled women who lifts others up. A wife who is accepting of things she'd rather have changed. A women who is filling her cup up with tons of God's love so she can share from that abundance. A woman who owns her own business in the service industry transforming lives as a life coach.

I am making this dream come true. BUT: I had to tell myself a new story. A story that is full with: I can. I am capable. God's got me and I've got my own back. It's a stepping forward story. Into new territories that are scary and beautiful.

What is your new story? I dare you to dream and have a new vision for your life.

Don't frame your past-frame your future.

You are loved. Deeply loved. Loved beyond measure.

Until next time, Isabelle

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