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Tuesday Thoughts And I Saved The Best For Last

Hi Friends, Did you enjoy the women I covered in Women's History Month? I saved the best one for last!! She is so accomplished, beautiful, intelligent, loving, strong, resilient and classy!! If you could see this woman the way I do, you would fall in love with her and tell everyone about her! You would be smitten by her beauty. Drawn to her warm energy. Curious about her past. Proud of her accomplishments. Inspired by her life. Encouraged by her words. Astonished by her resourcefulness. Infected by her courage. Empowered by her persistence. Comforted by her steadfastness. Inspired by her benevolence. Fired up by her ability to take a stand and say no. Blessed by her generosity. Uplifted by her intuition. Enveloped by her authenticity. Refreshed by her presence. I could go on and on. Can you see her? Can you feel her? Can you hear her? This is the best part. There's a way you can meet her! Would you like to? It's really simple. All you need to is...pick up a mirror. You are this incredible woman. You might not change history, but let me tell are working hard to change yourself. You are priceless. You are worthy. You are an influencer. You are a healer. You are a light post. You, as a highly valuable woman are always growing. You are passionate about living a fulfilled life and believe in being a well rounded person. You seek mental, emotional and spiritual stability and are not afraid to seek professional help. You are dedicated to learning and are learning to love yourself which is highly connected with establishing self respect. You are kind and compassionate. You mature like a fine wine. You connect on a deep level with the right people. You are open to new ideas and teachings. You are willing to own and allow all your feelings. You are classy in your expression of yourself and how you lift others up. You are vulnerable and also know when enough is enough. You take care of yourself so you can give from a full cup. You take fear and anxiety with you as you move forward. You give life. Say it with me...

I am a woman of value

Do you see yourself as such? If not, please connect with me. This is a topic that I love to teach. Pointing out to you where I see value, where I see accomplishments and strengths, cause most woman are so blind to it. And yes, I have days where I don't see it in myself and need a reminder. Looking in the mirror and seeing ALL the above is probably a hard task for most of us. We have been so conditioned to not believe in ourselves anymore. You can do so much more good in the world if you grow into this woman. Because, if this woman doesn't believe in herself, how can she help others? How can she do good, if she is depleted? How can she uplift if she is beaten down? How can she be a light if her light is dimmed? How can she inspire if she is stagnant? Keep on growing my dear one. Keep on shining. You are a valuable woman. And you deserve to be on the front of a magazine cover as the best woman in Women's History Month!

PS: Message me for a free consult to start moving toward a more confident you.

You are loved. Deeply loved. Loved beyond measure.

Until next time,

Isabelle Call or write for a free life coaching consultation #732-331-2246

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