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Tuesday Thoughts and Lilly Gladstone

Hi Friends,

I am happy that the writing on feminine energy resonated with you and made you more curious. 

In honor of Women’s History Month, the stage, literally, belongs to Lilly Gladstone this week. By the time you read this, she might be the first Indigenous woman to have won an Oscar. Lily already made history at the Golden Globes on January 7th as the first Indigenous person to win Best Actress.

Here is an article, if you want to read more: 

The movie is called 'Killers of the Flower Moon' and received an impressive 10 nominations, next to actors like Leonardo di Caprio and Robert De Niro. However, it is co-star Lily Gladstone who is in the running for best actress. Wouldn't it be awesome if she made history as the first ever Native woman of American descent to win an Oscar? 

Let's hear it from her own words:

“I’m holding it with all of my beautiful sisters in the film and my mother [in the film], Tantoo Cardinal,” she continued before pointing out that, in the past, Hollywood would create fictional Native languages instead of portraying them accurately and authentically.

“I’m so grateful that I can speak even a little bit of my language because in this business, Native actors used to speak their lines in English and then the sound mixers would run them backwards to accomplish Native languages on camera," the brunette star explained.

She then thanked Chief Standing Bear and the Osage Nation as well as Scorsese, and her co-stars DiCaprio and De Niro, for being "allies".

"This is for every little res kid, every little urban kid, every little Native kid out there who has a dream, who is seeing themselves represented and our stories told by ourselves, in our own words, with tremendous allies and tremendous trust with each other."

Yes, to telling your story! Every story is worth telling. And who better to tell a story then a Native woman who grew up with the art of storytelling? Have you ever sat around a campfire and listened to someone tell a story? It's mesmerizing, isn't it? 

What inspires you in Lilly's life? From the little I know about her, I am impressed by the way she carries herself; almost regal, very authentic and sovereign. 

She, like many women, give credit to all the women who have gone before us. Sadly, I know very little about my own mother, but one thing I do know, she was living with a very controlling older sister, and moved away to get another job, even though she had a business with a master seamstress degree.

That's the energy we need; the courage, the "I am going for it" catalyst that propels us into an uncertain but better future. And just like my own mom, Lilly and all of us, we need other women to stand beside us and cheer us on. Women who believe in us even when we don't. Women who catch us when we dare to jump into uncertainty. 

For Lilly it was a movie about another Indigenous Tribe, to tell the awful story of the killing for greed. 

What is that for you?

As for me, I am not ready to write about my won story, as I am in the middle of huge uncertainty and feeling all the emotions that come with it. 

What are you stepping into? If you are scared, that is totally normal, and btw, I would be honored to help you through this process with my coaching. Is it one of the following? 

  • Choosing a new job? (my friend did just that in her 50's)

  • Starting a new relationship in midlife? (many of my friends are in that boat)

  • Letting go of an old relationship?  

  • Cutting down on work hours to do more non-profit work?

  • Taking a course in investing?

  • Seeing a therapist to heal childhood trauma?

  • Picking up that old hobby that you loved doing?

  • Calling that family member/friend even though you are scared? 

  • Trying on a new style of clothing? (yes, that too can seem scary)

  • Sharing your story with a friend

  • Writing your story 

My dear friend, be inspired by Lilly Gladstone, or the women next door. It doesn't matter who it is. Take courage from the women who have gone before us and dared to live their life in their authenticity. Authenticity is scary, especially if you have been shamed or blamed and belittled for being you in the past, which is something most of my clients, and myself know all too well.

 Here is this week's affirmation:  

I take courage from the strong women around me.


PS: Message me for a free consult to start moving toward a more confident you.


           You are loved. Deeply loved. Loved beyond measure.

Until next time,


Call or write for a free life coaching consultation 


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