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Tuesday Thoughts And Through The Fire

Hi Friends,I trust you enjoyed meeting the most awesome woman last week. How did you feel after reading it? I heard that it really resonated with you. I was so inspired in a class I am taking, where the coach talked about the phoenix and the power of rising through the fire. I recently wrote about it, just to be reminded. She gave an example of some trees whose seeds ONLY germinate through a forest fire. I will let the national forest foundation explain it to you: 

"Serotinous cones: In environments where hot, fast moving fires are frequent, some pine species have developed very thick, hard cones that are literally glued shut with a strong resin. These 'serotinous' cones can hang on a pine tree for years, long after the enclosed seeds mature. Only when a fire sweeps through, melting the resin, do these heat-dependent cones open up, releasing seeds that are then distributed by wind and gravity."


Examples of this fascinating trait of fire-stimulated seed dispersal include Jack Pine (Pinus banksiana, also called grey pine and scrub pine) in the north central and northeastern United States and Table Mountain Pine (Pinus pungens, also called hickory pine, prickly pine or mountain pine) that grows in dry, rocky sites in the Appalachian Mountains. Lodgepole Pines, ubiquitous across much of the West, are one of the first species to grow after a fire because of their serotinous cones."There are also fire activated seeds. Same concept. They need the heat of the fire to germinate."Fortunately, land managers are realizing the value of re-introducing controlled fire in ecosystems where it existed historically, embracing it as a tool rather than fighting it as a threat. That’s a welcome change for the forests, trees and other plants that depend on fire to thrive."Thrive, and grow into beautiful, big, strong pine trees. Where I live in South West Florida, I have seen signs on a nature path, where they stated that there will be induced and controlled forest fires. Wow. Can you see it? Again, nature has a powerful lesson for us. Fires, with all it's destruction, can cause NEW growth. In fact, these serotinous seeds wouldn't germinate any other way. They need the fire. What has been born out of your fire? I KNOW you have experienced some fires. What was your most recent one? 

  • a move

  • a job loss

  • a sickness

  • a divorce

  • a fight

  • a turn in the economy

  • loneliness

  • loss of a friend

  • stress in your job

  • looking for a job

And many more "fires". 

Now, I hope we don't need to introduce controlled fires into our lives. There would be a need if your life is a walk in the park, or forest:).But chances are, you live a life like I do, where life naturally brings you these fires. Think back on the last one.

Take a deep breath, or two or three or 30. What seed could have been needing this fire? What is able to germinate and grow now in your life, BECAUSE of it? Take a minute to think on this. I help my clients, and myself, through these scenarios. We look at things, name it, feel it and learn to accept it. Can't change the past, can you? But you certainly can change the way you look at it. And maybe, just maybe, this will help you see it with a forester's eye. This fire was needed to get rid of all brush and to make RICH soil for new growth. Growth from seeds who have been waiting for this day. Waiting for the fire to melt the resin so the cone can open and the seeds can be freed.  

This week's affirmation:

 I allow the heat to burn away the old and unfold the new.


If that is not what a coach does, I don't know. It seems to be a pretty good description of what we do. As a coach, I help you look at the pain. And then I help you accept it. And then we look at ways you can grow something new from the ashes. 


You have it in you. It was there all along. 


PS: Message me for a free consult to start moving toward a more confident you.

 You are loved. Deeply loved. Loved beyond measure.

Until next time,


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