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Tuesday Thoughts And What We Can Learn From My Brother

Hi Friends, What did you implement last week? As you know, I spent two weeks in Germany to hold a memorial for my brother and take care of his affairs. Today, I want to share a few life lessons I learned from him. Some I learned from him directly, and others while talking to several people who were involved in his life. By the way, Marcel suffered with schizophrenia for 31 years. Where to start? 1) He sponsored a child in Africa. Why is this so important? Because Marcel had a meager income. He was employed at a place for disabled people and earned very, very little. With this little income, he not only decided to sponsor a child, but he also got one of his cousins on board. Thankfully, this cousin will now continue the sponsorship, otherwise i would have transferred it somehow to me. He didn't just sponsor, he also sent letters and pictures and gifts to this child. He was involved and always thought of ways to brighten this girl's life. 2) He was faithful. Both his social worker and his bosses told me this. Marcel showed up….to work, to appointments, to meetings. Now mind you, he was under the influence of heavy medications. One of the consistent side effects was how tired the medication made him even though, he chose to work the morning shift at work. That gave him time in the afternoon to do something with his day. Had he chosen the afternoon shift, he would have slept in. So he made himself get up, take public transportation that took over an hour (at the last job location) and went on his way. 3) He gave a voice to the voiceless. I found this out when talking to one of his supervisors at work. She told me, he was always concerned for those worse off than him. So one thing he started, was to ask for a "wish box". This was meant for those co-workers who were too timid to speak up or voice any wishes they had. His supervisor was so happy when she told me, “Guess what we have now? A wish box!!!" And laughed. And I thought:" Good job, Marcel! You did it!" 4) He tried new things. He was quite limited due to his physical inability to work hard and his emotional ability to handle stress. And yet, he applied to new jobs. He worked in a plant nursery for a while and before his last hospitalization in February, he had applied to Ikea. Because of COVID, that internship was postponed. He was limited. He was afraid. And yet, he tried new things. 5) He was a learner. You should have seen his bookshelves! Books about psychology, self development, science, cooking, plants and science fiction. Of course, I was drawn to books like, “How to make friends and influence people" by Dale Carnegie. Or "Success is in you" also by Dale Carnegie. "How to have a happier life." "Ways to heal yourself." "How to speak up" and many more. Also, books on healthy diet and how to grow an herb garden. I met a neighbor who now has 2 of his herbs he grew from seed. :) He had many building kits, electrical, solar, all kinds. There will be a part 2 of this next week. So stay tuned. Until then, just reflect on these and ask yourself… How can I better myself and influence those in my proximity?

To be courageous is to be a voice for the voiceless.

May Marcel be an inspiration to all of us. PS: Message me for a free consult to start moving toward a more confident you.

You are loved. Deeply loved. Loved beyond measure.

Until next time, Isabelle

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