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  Coaching Sessions for women

When meeting with women who are stuck in their life, stuck in their past and stuck in their negative emotions , I help them get clear on identifying what their old beliefs are. We will tackle a series of questions that will help them see clearly where they want to go and how they want to feel. Joyful? Confident? Grateful? Encouraged? Full of life? Transformed? Renewed? We will debunk some myths about happiness and self care and learn the power of gratitude and confidence. 

Let's get unstuck and bring joy back into your life. 

Contact me for a free session. 

I am now able to love who I am

Since I was young, I always viewed myself in a negative aspect. Isabelle could tell that I viewed myself that way and she was able to help  redirect my thoughts to be more confident in myself. Instead of always thinking negatively, she helped me be more positive and be a happier version of myself. The result was I am now able to love who I am. Instead of being sad, upset , angry or disappointed all the time, she was able redirect my thoughts to become a better person, daughter friend and soon to be wife. I love how kind, supporting and understanding Isabelle is. She does not judge or criticize how you truly feel about a situation that has happened in your life, but helps you think more positively about it and not let it consume you in a negative way.The experience with Isabelle was very uplifting and encouraging. I was very nervous at first because I have never been with a relationship coach and my first experience was amazing. I will be encouraging many people to go see her because she helps you love yourself in different ways you would have never thought of on your own. I believe people who struggle with their identity with themselves and God should definitely talk to Isabelle. I struggled with that and she noticed and  reached out to me. If she had not reached out to me I  would have never  known that I actually needed help. I learned that I can't do  some things on my own , especially when it comes to being confident in who you are as a child of God. I highly recommend women who are struggling in confidence and happiness to go see Isabelle. It really is a life changing experience. 


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