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" ending the crazy cycle"

I attended the “parenting perspectives” workshop with Isabelle because I wanted to learn more effective ways to parent my children.  I wanted to learn to communicate with and discipline my children so they would actually listen.
She helped me understand my children's personality types and how to work with them. She taught me that one of the best tools is to just keep my mouth shut and listen! 

The result was Life changing!! I am working on ending the “crazy cycle” of constant yelling. 
One thing I liked most was her practical solutions. Everything she teaches is easy in concept and she teaches how to actually use the practical solutions.

I found the experience extremely helpful.

I would recommend Isabelle to people who need any type of help with their kids. Isabelle has such an easy and caring way about her. She really wants to see you succeed at a better relationship with your children. 


Kristi S., age 37



We coached with Isabelle because we were having marriage issues. 

She helped us focus on moving forward and how to properly deal with our pain, distrust and self worth, by using professional and biblical principles.

The result was we are learning to trust again.

As well as we are learning to love ourselves the way God intended.

One thing I liked about her was she truly cares for each individual's concerns and needs. She isn't afraid to say the things that need to be addressed and she does it in a positive and respectful manner.

We found this experience to be very helpful and refreshing for our marriage. 

I would recommend Isabelle to people who need guidance in their marriage , as well as family and personal issues.

Isabelle was different from the counselors we have seen in the past. She gets to the point and gives helpful tools for us to work with.





I coached with Isabelle because I was seeking guidance and support in my parenting journey. I felt lost as to how to help my children. I was drowning in the worry and overwhelm, and Isabelle offered me a life raft. She saw my struggle and offered new insight, techniques, and encouragement.  She has helped me to see the beliefs that were behind many of my emotional responses and has supported me in rewriting them to reflect the truth about who I am.  The result was that I found new confidence in my role as a parent. This growing confidence was not only in working with my children through their challenges, but also when I felt criticism from others about my children’s behavior. As a mother of six children with experience in both homeschooling and traditional education, I knew she could understand my perspective without criticism. I really appreciated that she helped me in starting to discover my highest values and  supported my desire to instill these values in my children.  

I found the experience to be empowering.  


I would recommend Isabelle to parents who need encouragement and new tools in their parenting tool box.  

Additional thoughts:  Working with Isabelle was the beginning of a journey for me of uncovering the beliefs behind my actions and rewriting them. As I have continued this practice, it has transformed not just my parenting, but my life.   

Janice H. - age 35


"...eye opening"

I attended Isabelle's workshop because I needed help with communicating with my 20, 18 and 13 year old. She helped me see that talking to them is not all about me and my desires and I learned new ways of communicating. One thing I liked the most was her honesty and her ability to be real. I found the  experience to be amazing and eye opening. I feel that sitting under her teaching would benefit any parent with children of all ages. 


Faith K., 47

Helping kids express their feelings

"Mom , Isabelle sat down with me and asked me how I was, so I told her . And she helped me more in that little bit of time than anyone I've talked to in the last few weeks. "

Mother of a young adult daughter


"It was a great experience"

Isabelle helped me think about my schedule at home and evaluate what would work better for me. I changed my routine after lunch and how we get out of the house  with five children 11 and under. One thing i liked the most was that she listened to what my family needed. It was a great experience. I would recommend Isabelle to people who need advice or brainstorming. 

Crystal, 38

"surprisingly pleasant"

I coached with Isabelle because I needed guidance and ideas on how to break certain cycles.She helped me by giving me ideas on why things are happening that I had not thought of before as well as never tried ideas on how to break my cycles.The result was a wider range of ideas to pull from as well as a more educated person  (ME!) on how to handle situations.One thing I liked about her was she was very passionate about helping. I found the experience pleasant ( surprisingly!) and felt like I was talking to a friend. I would recommend Isabelle to people who need any type of coaching , ideas, etc.






coached with Isabelle because our marriage was on its last leg. After 4 plus years of on and off counseling, we were about to give up.

She helped me realize the power/control/responsibility I have for my happiness. We both now have a better view of our relationship.

The result was we are both less stressed and are better able to stop and redirect the spiral that has brought us so much heartache and despair before.

One thing I like about her was we did not need to rehash the last 20 years of our relationship. 

I found the experience very uplifting, empowering, and a little challenging because it was so different then with previous family counselors.

I would recommend Isabelle to people who need any type of relationship help.

Additional thought: We have had more success in two sessions with Isabelle than with the last  four plus years of counselors prior. Isabelle's technique brings actual healing to our marriage, not just a band aid till the next blow out.



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