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Arrogance Versus Confidence

2009 landing in the Hudson

How are you my friends? So last week we talked about confidence being a skill that can be learned by repeated action. This week I'd like to briefly discuss self confidence. If your mind just went to a person who always knows better and always has the last word, we are talking about an arrogant person. A confident person has absolutely no need to push another human being down to lift themselves up. As in, "I know better than you, in fact, I am better than you." That's arrogant and pushes people away. On the contrary, we are drawn to confident leaders. Remember the 2009 headlines: "Airplane crash lands in Hudson River; all aboard reported safe?" That safe landing was only due to the self confidence and skill of pilot Sullenburger, lovingly called "Sully." He did what was expected of him as the pilot. He remained calm and uses his expertise to bring everyone to safety. In that moment of danger, don't we want to trust somebody who has confidence? This is what a good leader does, show up with confidence to those who trust him or her. I certainly don't want to hear nervousness over the intercom, or even panic. I want to be able to trust in the pilots expertise.


When I think of confident people I think of Olympians. I mean you don't make it to the Olympic games without confidence. And don't we fall in love with the Gold medal winners who are displaying a humble attitude? Can confidence and humility go together? Here are a few thoughts that are helpful in developing a confident , healthy attitude:


  • I know this matters

  • I am here to serve

  • I matter ( to God, to others)

  • I know this will help/inspire people

  • What others think of me is out of my control

Yes you do matter. Your life matters, whatever your role is. Can you show up confident, yet humble, as a parent? As a spouse? As a teacher? As a friend? Let's show up as the person we were created to be and you might just be the "Sully " in somebody else's life.

You are loved.

Deeply loved. Loved beyond measure.

"Confidence is key. If you don't believe in yourself, then nobody will." -unknown

Until next time,




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