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How Are You Doing With Your Goals?

Its almost May. we have have had 4 months to work on our goals. How are we doing? I know that I could easily say to myself: "Look at you and your lofty goal. What have you accomplished? You are no where near that result." I know your brain "talks" the same way, because we are both human. Now I might not be near my goal. That's true. But will beating myself up and putting myself down motivate me? Guilt and shame are terrible motivators. You know. You've been there. You haven't lost that weight. You haven't cleaned up that room. You haven't fixed that relationship. You haven't taken that class. You haven't stopped that habit. So what do you make it mean about you ? Please pause and answer here.

Am I a failure? Nope. Should I give up? Nope. Was it all for nothing? Nope. So? What do we do? Good thing there's tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow, and the day after that!

Please notice my super "professional " sign:). Construction paper, tape, cardboard and a permanent marker. Voila. Keep going. Keep yourself motivated and inspired. I keep reaching out to folks to coach. I keep asking my children how I am doing as a mom. I keep having the tough conversations with my husband. I keep learning new skills, slowly. But I keep going. I have a passion that keeps me going. A passion to grow myself to the next level. A passion to grow my relation ships. A passion to help more people. A passion to transform relationships.I keep at it. One small change at a time. One conversation at a time. One coaching call at a time. By the way, I have my coach too. More than one in fact. I invest in coaching because I believe in it,. It was the only thing that helped me years ago to become a better mother and wife. Out of overwhelm and desperation and feeling stuck. Into hope and calm and having a purpose.

I no longer yell as a mom. I no longer have high expectations of my children and husband. I am learning much about the beauty of acceptance. The beauty of living your passion. And somehow, this inspires growth. Not just in me, but in those around me. Life is good. I believe that. You can too. Keep going and you will see.

You are loved. Deeply loved. Loved beyond measure.

Until next time, Isabelle

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