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How I "Manifested" Dolphins

How are you my friends? Before you tell me I have gone woo woo and new agey and so forth, let me explain where I'm coming from. I have a solid faith in God the creator of the universe, and everything in it. I am also learning the power of being thankful. Nothing woo woo in that, is there? You can find many references in scripture about thankfulness. Jesus himself modeled thankfulness. So here's my story. I was lucky, blessed, happy to see my German friend who vacations in Naples, and we went to the beach, just the two of us. The story of how we reconnected on different continents is another story. Today, is about dolphins. So she said that they were leaving soon and hadn't seen any dolphins the whole week. So I quietly prayed and this was my prayer" Thank you for showing us dolphins today". And won't you believe it, as we were walking, there were the dolphins. And very close to the shore. If you have ever tried taking pictures of dolphins at the exact moment that they surface, you know how hard that is. So google images supplied the dolphin picture :).

Can you guess what animal is in the second picture? It's a manatee. And no, I had not prayed for this one. But I was sure happy to see it, and so were many more people at the south Jetty in Venice Florida last evening. There were quite a few dolphins too. God in his abundance just splurges love on us. And I received it.

The really beautiful thing was that I got to experience this display of nature with one of my daughters. You can see her sitting on the rocks watching the sunset. Quietly. On her own, and yet we witnessed it together. I also sold my big 8 passenger van with thankfulness. Thankful for the many years it served us so well. Thankful for all the road trips and crumbs, and candy wrappers, baby cries and sibling squabbles, singing and sleeping. Thankful for all the life that happened in this van. And it was time to let go and downsize. i did it with gratitude, Marie Kondo Style. Be thankful, for what you do have and just watch what will happen.

You are loved. Deeply loved. Loved beyond measure.

Until next time, Isabelle

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