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Looking For Love?

Looking for love? The dictionary defines love as :"A feeling of affection". Really? In my dictionary LOVE is a mindset and a verb. So for all you singles out there and married couples: Don't believe what Hollywood would have you believe about marriage. For example: in the movie Jerry Maguire, in one of the last scenes, Tom Cruise pleads with Dorothy and says these famous words: "You complete me" and she answers with :"Shut up, you had me at hallo." So many love this scene. It looks so real and romantic right? Do you also believe this message? I don't!! And never once have I taught that to my clients or more importantly, to my children.This belief is so unhealthy. Why? Because with that believe you go into relationships with high expectations and the wrong foundation. Yes, expect your partner to show up -be responsible -financially sound and emotionally and spiritually healthy. But this message wants you to believe that you are not complete. Is that true? Did God create half of you? With missing soul pieces? Are we all walking around somehow missing our "better half"? Even when you marry your "better half", is it all rosey and happy? You are complete. You.Are.Complete.

These are two of my daughters. Bianca with fiance Dylan, and Katia with boyfriend Carlos. Always be yourself. Authentically you. I'm speaking to you whether you are single or married. Be yourself, so the people who are looking for you, will find YOU.

Please reframe the "You complete me," with "You compliment me".

You are already 100% complete. You are perfectly you. Take that on as your foundational belief. Respect yourself. Single or married. From that foundation you can build on loving and respecting others. If you are or were one of my clients, you know that I "preach" to full your own cup first. Then you are able to give to those around you. Looking for love? Show up for yourself first, believe that you are a complete package.

You are loved. Deeply loved. Loved beyond measure.

Until next time, Isabelle

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