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mindfulness meditation for beginners

What does meditation have to do with a relationship blog, you might ask.

Anything that helps you to show up a better self , a calmer self and a less triggered self is hugely beneficial regarding your relationships. As a mom, how often a day are you triggered, or stressed out, or as we say "loose our mind?" How often a day does a coworker make you angry ,does your mother in law cause you anxiety, does your teen stress you out?

I am of the conviction that no one can make you angry, or loose your mind or stress you out or drive you crazy.

It is always the story we fabricate in our minds about what happened.

So yesterday I went to an open house at a local yoga studio. My husband and I attended a meditation class while my oldest son tried out a yoga class. His girlfriend enhanced the atmosphere with her beautiful harp playing . Check her out at

Today I just want to introduce one kind of mediation called a mindfulness meditation. There are other categories, like walking meditations and more.

With a mindfulness meditation we just want to observe our wandering thoughts as they drift away. The goal is not to get drawn into the thoughts or to judge them or solve them, but just to be aware of them.

Its like me walking at the beach, and I notice a flock of birds taking flight. I'm aware how each one leaves the ground and takes flight effortlessly. There's one, two, the next, until the whole flock is gone. I observe them. That's my thoughts. No judgement, no agenda, just observing.

As humans we tend to label something as good or bad right away. The goal is not to achieve anything , even though there are great benefits to meditation, but to learn to simply be present.

If I can achieve a level of inner harmony with a calmer mind, I am much better equipped to handle stressful situations that come my way.

So for beginners here are some steps to get started:

  • set your timer for 2-3 minutes or play calm instrumental music for that time.

  • sit comfortably in a chair with your feet flat on the ground , your back not leaning against the back rest; or sit on the floor , on a cushion if needed

  • put your hands on your thighs

  • keep your eyes open ( as I was taught yesterday) and just look 5 feet in front of you

  • simply breathe in and out

  • notice how your body moves with each breath, your stomach, your chest, your shoulders

  • if your mind wanders just bring it back to the breath

We were encouraged to implement this daily. Do not plan for 1 hour a week as a beginner. The benefits of daily meditation far outweigh the once a week goal. Your town most likely has one or more yoga studio or community center where meditation might be offered. Do your research , in case you are looking for a community to practice this with.

Our teacher mentioned an App called Insight Timer -meditation App.

This is an online mediation community where you can be in touch with like minded folks.

Another App is Calm or Headspace. Check out what works for you.

You are loved. Deeply loved. Loved beyond measure.

Until next time,


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