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New year -new thoughts

Happy new year to all my friends!!!

Did you set any resolutions? Any goals? How stressed or happy were you during the holiday? I think I was both!!

This year I'm setting some new goals and with the help of my coach and her teaching, I'm sure I'll accomplish at least some of them. And if I don't get to the end goal, I for sure will have grown by leaps and bounds. I have learned from so many entrepreneurs that it is more important to grow and try and fail along the way, then to actually reach the end goal. Why?

If I only live for the moment when I finally reach the goal, I'm missing out on feeling good and nervous and excited and expectant and confident all along the way. It is so important to consciously feel those emotions NOW , and not wait for them to magically appear when you get there. How many famous actors or musicians do you know who were extremely unhappy even after accomplishing huge goals in their industry? Take Whitney Houston, Kate Spade, or beloved Robin Williams. They had huge success by anyone's standard. I don't want this to be a depressing letter, so let me explain. We absolutely are taught to hustle to get to a certain point, a goal. And THEN we can say we are successful, or we have arrived or accomplished what we set out to do. Well, that is only one moment. And then what? Then our brains focus on the next goal and the next and so on. And we are never satisfied. It so much healthier and so much more enjoyable if we deliberately set out to celebrate the small wins . I teach that to my clients all the time. Celebrate the small wins. That way you motivate yourself! And your brain is like:" Oh that was good, let's do more of that." And you are intrinsically motivated to do more and to keep going in the right direction.

So I encourage you to remember to celebrate! Let's say you set out to be less frustrated with your kids and you keep calm 2 out of 3 scenarios. That's progress! Tell yourself you did well. DO NOT do what comes naturally to all of us and beat yourself up over the one time you got frustrated. Build on those small wins. You will see that you feel encouraged instead of defeated. I mean, really , if I feel defeated, can I really put forth more energy to do better next time? You know the answer. Tony Robins calls this our state. I just say, be hyper aware of your thoughts at the beginning of this year and just notice what your brain is thinking. Notice how often we beat ourselves up and call ourselves names. Treat yourself better this year. OK?

I can help you with that. In fact I'm quite good at it. One client ( young couple) told her mom "I've got life in my bones again ." And" My life has turned upside down." She will also tell you that it took work.

So put some joy in your life. Celebrate like that child in the above picture. We can learn so much from children. Just think of a toddler when he learns to accomplish a new task like building a tower with his blocks. Can you picture him ? Sitting there with big eyes, a huge smile and clapping for himself?? Yep, we might not clap for ourselves, but maybe we can sip a cup of your favorite tea, or enjoy a lunch out or even give yourself a silent acknowledging of what you did right.

So, how is this for a new year's resolution? Be aware of your thoughts and celebrate the small wins along the way.

You are loved. Deeply loved. Loved beyond measure.

Until next time,



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