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part 2 of 5 keys to happiness

Hi my friend,

today we will revisit the 5 keys of happiness as outlined by Shawn Achor , the happiness expert.

His first one was:

1) Find 3 new gratitudes each day

This trains our brain to scan the world for more positive.

I start my day off being grateful for one of God's attributes , and then I go down the line with my family members, starting with one thing I'm thankful for in my husband , then my oldest son, all the way through my 6 children. I do this right after I wake up.

Different experts say it takes 21 days to form a habit and 3 times 21 days to make it a belief.

As one client said to me. "This really helped me see my children in a different light."

The second one is :

2) Journaling about one positive experience in the past 24 hours.

This lets our brain relive that moment.

This is not what us coaches refer to as a "brain dump" where you write everything down on paper to give your brain a break from rehashing it over and over. This is a clear and precise exercise to write about one experience that brought you enjoyment. Picture it as watching a fun movie again , because you know you enjoyed it and you know it will bring you enjoyment again. For example : Our family chose to watch the movie "Elf" again last night.

Instead of seeing it as free writing , use it as a journal prompt. " Today I enjoyed...."

The third one is :

3) Exercise

This tells your brain that your behavior matters.

Now don't despair when you hear the word exercise. Don't overwhelm yourself with something you can't keep up. Just get started. Living in Florida allows me to walk pretty much every day of the year. In the hot summer season I just go our early or late in the evening. I walk about a mile and I am happy about that.

What do you enjoy? The gym? Yoga? Zumba? Boxing? Dancing? Running? Pick one thing that you enjoy and prepare for it. Then just get started and see how it lifts your mood. And then you might just want more :)

The fourth one is :

4) Meditation helps you focus on the task at hand.

It helps you live in the present moment.

Again, you don't have to go to a retreat to learn this. Even though that would be awesome, if you can attend one. You can start at your desk or dining room table , in your favorite chair or outside in nature. Use your five senses fully for a few moments. What do you hear? What do you see? What do you smell? What do you feel? What do you taste? Focus on each for a moment. And that is how you start being present at the moment. It helps you filter out all other thoughts and distractions. You can then learn to meditate longer and choose a subject to meditate on.

The fifth one is :

5) Random acts of kindness.

Choose to praise or thank someone in verbal or written form. This is a fun exercise as a parent. You could write a note for your child and put it on their pillow or in their lunch box. No matter what age. I have written notes to my teens. Now I might not hear a response about it, but I know I did the right thing and they read and received it. Or write a handwritten card and address it to your spouse's work. I've done that. You will make their day. Or take it even further and thank your parent for something they have done right, even if you are estranged. For example, I did not have the best relationship with my dad, but one year I wrote him a thank you letter for the things he has done right. One of the things was, that he took my brother and myself on vacation, even after our mom had passed. Or write or call that relative that just came to mind, whom you don't really look forward to seeing around the holidays, and thank or praise them for one thing. You know what that is. Maybe he/she brought a yummy pumpkin pie to the thanksgiving feast. It doesn't have to big and it shouldn't be a lie.

Have fun implementing these 5 keys. I would love to hear how you did with it.

You are loved. Deeply loved. Loved beyond measure.

Until next time,


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