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Sunday Step Up And Christmas

Hi friends, how are you?

It's the last Sunday before Christmas. How are you, really, how are you? It's a magical time of year. With families getting together and gift giving and everyone is in a more generous spirit than usual. If you are a mom, then you know that magical takes work. Your list of things to do is longer than Santa's list! What if you only did what you really valued for Christmas this year? What would that look like? For me, one year, that meant store bought Christmas cookies. We had just moved, and our pod had been delayed. The kids didn't mind at all. It was harder for me not to have the tradition of not baking cookies that year. In the future, for our big family, that might mean we pick a name from a hat and get one gift for one person. Right now we are up to 11, fiance and two newlyweds included. So if hectic is setting in, ask yourself:

What is one thing I want to take off my to do list?

I mean wouldn't it be nice if Santa really came by and dropped off all the gifts, wrapped and all?

Also, what keeps you going? For some of you it's volunteering, or watching a Christmas movie, or sitting still and reading a book. I really like festive Christmas music, so I went to the local high school to hear the choir concert. It didn't disappoint. And I didn't even have one of my children in this choir! It is something that makes the season festive for me. So I made time to go.

As we approach Christmas quickly, ask yourself these two questions:

What is one thing I can let go off from my to do list? What is one thing that keeps me going ?

I will send a quick Christmas greeting next week :) Until then, enjoy the season.

PS: December special is still on. 10% off with ten sessions. Message me for a free consult.

You are loved. Deeply loved. Loved beyond measure.

Until next time, Isabelle

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