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Sunday Step Up And Waiting

Hi friends, how are you?

This is a year old picture of my oldest son Jesse and his soon to be wife Natalie. When you read this they will be on their way to their honeymoon. Now, if this is all you saw, you'd only see the reward of some good old fashioned patience. Both of them have been in relationships before. They had been through the hurt, and disappointment and failed dreams. I can truly tell you that it was easy for us to embrace Natalie as his chosen one. You see, after some past relationships ,he gave himself a long time of waiting and not dating. On purpose. He said he'd wait for the right one.

When we moved, his time to join us was delayed by over a year. After he came it was only a few months of living here when he met Natalie. And that's the reward for waiting. And taking courage to move 1000 miles. They are jut perfect for each other. I can truly tell you that it was easy for us to embrace Natalie as his chosen one.

I'm sharing this story to encourage you, if you are in the waiting period. I remember hearing in a Bible Study that we are either in a time of waiting (desert) or a time of blessing (rain). And the time of waiting can suck. You wanna give up and throw in the towel. And we don't see the future. We don't know when the blessings will come. Or the reward. Or the breakthrough. Or the new beginning. We only see it with the eyes of faith. And maybe you have read my post on making a vision board. Is the blessing on there? What does it look like?

Keep your eyes on the goal.

And how I feel as a mom,... that's a whole other post. I can tell you that I am absolutely thrilled that I have the relationship I have now with Jesse. And that took work. And time. And hope and faith. And a lot more. I love you both to pieces.

How about you? Are you in the desert?

PS1: Message me for a free consult to start making the waiting period more purposeful.

PS2.If you are a parent of a teen or young adult and you need help while you are waiting for a better relationship, message me. I can help you feel less overwhelmed and worried and more calm and confident.

You are loved. Deeply loved. Loved beyond measure.

Until next time, Isabelle

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