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Tuesday Thoughts And Abundance

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

Hi Friends, Did you implement being in awe a little more this past week? Today, I want to share another simple mind shift tool. And you know by now, simple does not mean easy. I was inspired by clients recently who told me, for example: "I can't have this. As soon as I have it, it gets taken away from me." Or, "That's not me, that's for others." I love reflecting back to what my clients are telling me because they believe they are telling me the truth! Often we laugh, sometimes we cry. When you work with me you learn how to be aware of these thoughts and how to change them. Today, I will give you a super simple tool to change your mindset from lack to abundance. This doesn't happen overnight, and I am certainly not talking about getting rich overnight. We will start with something neutral, something we all can agree on. It's like level one on an online game (sorry I don't know any... but you know what I mean). So we are learning a new skill in this game of abundance, and right now, we believe that there is no abundance and if there is, that I do not deserve it. Are you with me so far? Some of these are hidden and well rehearsed in our brains. That's why it is my pleasure to show them to you so you can decide if want to keep such a limiting belief. Back to neutral. We can all agree that the above picture has flowers. Lots of flowers. An abundance of flowers. We can't count them, unless you are some kind of genius. Can we agree that this field has an abundance of flowers? And therefore, we can agree that there is abundance in nature? Stay with me. You might not have a field of flowers by your house, so here we go: Do you have a space of lawn with lots of blades of grass? How about a tree with branches? Or a bush with green leaves? I challenge you to look for ABUNDANCE around you. And please send me your findings! Let's up the challenge and add gratitude. This is what it can sound like:

  • Thank you for the abundance of grass

  • Thank you for the abundance of leaves on this bush

  • Thank you for the abundance of branches on this tree

  • Thank you for the abundance of sand on this beach

  • Thank you for the abundance of birds in my yard

  • Thank you for the abundance of water in this river

  • Thank you for the abundance of stars in the sky

  • Thank you for the abundance of rocks on this path

  • Thank you for the abundance of...

Let's continue. You can certainly browse through pictures on the internet, too, and use those! Then you add things that are not in nature. You add smiles, and laughs and kindness and loving gestures. By seeing abundance in nature, am I saying that life is always feeling great? Actually no!! AND, that's exactly why I practice this abundance gratitude habit. So can you. And then feel a small shift in your mind. And life feels a little lighter, a little better and a little more abundant.

Abundance is overflowing quantity, plenty to supply every need.

There is plenty. Just look for it and notice it and speak gratitude over it. You're welcome. :)

PS: Message me for a free consult to start moving toward a more confident you.

You are loved. Deeply loved. Loved beyond measure.

Until next time,

Isabelle Call or write for a free life coaching consultation #732-331-2246

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