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Tuesday Thoughts And Becoming

Hi friends, how did you like the guest post about the 5 Love languages? Emotional regulation is so important, it should be a required life class for us humans here on earth. It would eliminate so much heartache. For today I want to focus on BECOMING. Becoming what you might ask? Becoming who we set out to become. For that, we need to set a goal, an intention. I always encourage myself and my clients to have goals, but not for the reasons most people think of. Not because there is something wrong with you and you need to be better. Not because you should change yourself, including your body, your bank account, or even your spirituality. Those things might be great benefits of achieving a goal but they're not the reason for them. The reason to set goals, is to become. Without challenges and push back, we can't grow, we can only stay the same. And there's nothing wrong with that, but I believe we are designed for growth. Other's call it evolving or becoming the next version of you. Becoming is what you are here to do and so, when you do it, you will feel more alive, more satisfied and more complete. But beware. this won't last. Because soon after becoming, you will feel the desire to become again. We're never done becoming as long as we're alive. Who are you becoming? You choose. Some good friends encouraged me this week, by pointing out how much I had become and how much I had grown in the past year. Thank God for these friends. Because I can tell you that self doubt and our inner critic clouds any progress you have made. And they didn't have that cloud. They told me what they observed. If you don't feel you are progressing, set a goal, or a different goal or a bigger goal. That will stretch you beyond your imagination and you will become a new version of you, just through the process of going towards this goal. Don't give up my friend. It's never too late. You are not too old. You are not too set in your ways. You are not too weak. You are good enough. You are smart enough. You are strong enough. You are enough! And with that mindset, you can become the next version of you. You will thank yourself. And if you have good friends like I do, they will thank you for being an inspiration, especially when you are NOT feeling it.

Who do you want to become? It's not about arriving. It's about constantly growing.

Happy becoming! Need help becoming? Message me.

PS: Message me for a free consult to start moving toward a more confident you.

You are loved. Deeply loved. Loved beyond measure.

Until next time, Isabelle

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