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Tuesday Thoughts And Failing Forward

Hi Friends, What did you implement last week? Today I want to reframe failing as failing forward. It might have been Zig Ziglar who coined this term, but I'm not 100% sure. So you know reframing is a skill in itself. So is failing. A skill, you may ask? Yes. A skill. I clearly remember my now 27 year old son in his Karate lessons. One of the skills they learned was HOW TO FALL. The goal was learning to fall without injuring yourself. A skill that came in handy plenty times in his life, especially at one point, when he had to jump off his bike as to avoid a crazy truck driver, who deliberately came way too close to his bike. Knowing how to fall saved his life. Moral of the story? We all fall in life. The question is : "How long do I want to stay down and wallow in the pain? " 'How long will it be till I get on the bike again?" Sometimes we don't have a choice and life needs to go on. Another question to ask is: "How long will I beat myself up over this?" Is it an incident that happened today? Two days ago? Two weeks ago? Two months, years, decades? Now, when we fall, or fail at something, we do this thing that is absolutely not kind, nor helpful. But we do it, unless we make ourselves aware. We beat ourselves up! Right? As if failing is not allowed. Or we see it as something bad. Or something to be avoided. If I asked you, where have you failed in life? You could probably rattle off many incidences. And if I asked you then if that was followed by a positive feeling, you would answer, "NO." What if we just revamped that whole thing? I had coaches help me do that, and it's actually kind of fun to do this now. Fun? Yes, as long as you don't skip over feeling all the feels. Don't skip the yucky feelings but don't get stuck in them, either. Listen in to the below video as I share my favorite analogy of failing forward. Now go and fail forward!

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