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Tuesday thoughts and freedom

Hi Friend's, What did you implement last week? Are you becoming a better problem solver? I want you to look at my imperfect picture of last night’s fireworks. Why? Because even beautiful things are never perfect. Right? That's why I, as a coach, never promise perfect relationships. I offer: Healthier. Better. But not perfect. Here is my offer:

  • You lost it again after your loved one started an argument with you

  • You stayed up all night and wonder if you said something wrong or what you could have done better. You exhaust yourself and wonder how in the world you can bring peace back into this family. Will it ever get better?

  • You have drained your energy because you have not learned your top human needs and how to fill them or how not to take other people's words and actions personally. You are carrying a heavy load of guilt.

  • You need to address the underlying reasons of your misunderstandings and sadness and understand what triggers you and your loved ones.

  • To be able to respond peacefully and feel better overall we will identify your top human needs and how you can fill them. We will identify your loved one’s needs and understand their behavior. We will learn tools that teach you how you can continually separate yourself from the drama and fill yourself up.

  • Sounds good? Message me to set up a free relationship reset call. Just reply to this email. I can't wait to hear from you. Hit reply and say: "Yes I'm interested.”

You are loved. Deeply loved. Loved beyond measure.

Until next time, Isabelle Call or write for a free life coaching consultation


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