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Tuesday Thoughts And Marcel

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

Hi Friends, How did you do with the call to look back and acknowledge yourself for how far you've come? As I’m typing this, I am reminiscing about my brother. It would be his birthday today. I want to share a tradition with you that someone told me about. I loved this idea so much that I need to tell you about it. It was actually a client who shared this with me and I am so grateful she did. It is to remember a loved one on their birthday by baking or cooking something they loved!! What a fun way to remember them and to keep something they loved alive. I like it better than going to a graveyard for sure. What I decided to do is to bake rolls to celebrate his birthday. I tried it last year; they were ok. I'm sure he was like, " Come on sister, you need this healthy flour and these grains...and then they come out just right." I should have asked for his recipe when I had a chance. When you just read this, what person came to mind?

  • Do you want to contact them and tell them what you love about them?

  • Maybe ask for a recipe?

  • Or maybe they would be the perfect person to ask advice from?

  • What are they good at that you could learn from?

  • What is something that you would like to do with them?

  • Share a meal?

  • Go on a trip?

  • Learn a skill of theirs?

I invite you to ask them about their interests; let them explain something they have a great interest in. My brother was interested in many things: science, angels, Buddhism, saving animals, preserving the ocean, healthy eating, psychology, human behavior...

I get to read some of his books now. I took a few home with me and had a whole box shipped to me. Now I wish I had many more sent to me. He had so many interests. Right now I'm reading one on how to make friends. It's really good.

Of course, I wish I had asked him so many things. I wish we sat at his kitchen table and talked and laughed and cried. I wish I asked more about his passions and his work place. I met his bosses and they said he always tried to make others happy. He had his moments of frustration, of course. We all do.

Sometimes it's good to think of these things while they are alive. What would you ask them? You might not have the time later. Do it now.

Just for a moment imagine they are gone and then think of what you would regret, or what you wish you had done or asked.

Here is your affirmation:

I listen to that still, small voice and respond quickly.

Isabelle This is the small voice nudging you to do what we talked about above...not to be confused with the small voice which says its time for ice cream:) Use your divine guidance to move forward. I can't wait to hear from you and some stories that will evolve from this.

PS: Message me for a free consult to start moving toward a more confident you.

You are loved. Deeply loved. Loved beyond measure.

Until next time, Isabelle

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