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Tuesday Thoughts And Pause

Hi Friends, Did you implement the "today" tool? This morning as I was walking, I was charmed by the wondrous display of colors in the sky as the sun was rising. And then, minutes later, I caught these 2 ducks on the pond in the reflection. It was one tiny moment and it made me think of the song, “One moment in time." Did you just hear Whitney Houston in your ear? Me, too. One moment in time. Our days get so busy, that we forget to stop and look. Stop and listen. Stop and just be. It's called mindfulness and its so simple and yet so hard. A good friend sent me a book on meditation and finding happiness through practicing it. Meditation starts with being mindful of the moment. As a mom of six I have seen many hurried moms signing kids up for ALL the classes and doing ALL the things. And kids and mom were hurried and frazzled. I am sure I have been there too, but we also had lots of time to play. That was super important to me. One time, we were in a park and one of my children watched the squirrels and decide do help them dig holes for their nut collection! I need to remind myself of these moments because it seems that all they remember is the bad stuff. I am also convinced that European cultures are able to enjoy the moment more. We enjoy nature more. We don't rush as much as here in the US. Don't even get me started on eating! Eating here is rushed. I was shocked when I moved here; how fast people get up from the table and just disperse and do other things. What do we do in Germany? We sit and talk. Sometimes for a long time. It's called "Gemütlichkeit." We relax and enjoy the moments shared. We also have something called the "Sunday afternoon walk, “Sonntagsspaziergang.” It's a thing. You also find a lot more people in public parks, just sitting and reading a book. Or feeding the ducks. Or riding their bikes. As you might know, I love to walk at the beach and find heart shaped shells.

Take a close look. Do you see the heart inside the heart? We can train ourselves and our frazzled nervous system to self regulate and to slow down and to very intentionally be mindful of the moment. Where do you need to slow down? How about next time you have a conversation, and you are deliberately mindful of the person in front of you, or on the phone with you, or walking next to you. Be mindful of the moment. Of you. Of others. Be mindful of your words. Of the words of others.

Be mindful of what is in front of you. Your nervous system will thank you. Your body and your mind and your soul will thank you.

Time is not measured by clocks, but by moments.

PS: Message me for a free consult to start moving toward a more confident you.

You are loved. Deeply loved. Loved beyond measure.

Until next time, Isabelle

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