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Tuesday thoughts And Receiving

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

Hi Friends, Did you feel empowered last week? How did you implement it? Recently, I listened to a coach talk about feminine energy and receiving. When she named a few attributes about the feminine energy, I was like: Stop! I need to write that down. The list is part of this blog. Let me just ask you how you have reacted so far when you have received something, for example: gifts, compliments, ideas, opportunities? My clients usually have a hard time receiving. They are masters at giving. One of the most powerful qualities of feminine energy, and therefore an elementary part of our lives, is giving, relaxing and receiving. Receiving. If you always just go through your day without stopping and taking a break, you will always have the same thoughts and habits; continue as before, and get no new results in your life. During breaks, you give yourself a chance to go from the outside to the inside. Your inner world is the place where you find incredible peace and power. Because, in a pause, silence or emptiness arises, which in turn allows new things to arise as you make room for new thoughts and ideas. This cannot happen if you are constantly in the mode of doing and functioning. If you want to create an extraordinary, fulfilled life, you need to take breaks to recover, to be with yourself, to slow down, to arrive at yourself and to reflect within yourself. Looking back, until today, what have you associated so far with female energy and with properties like relaxing, letting go, surrendering and receiving? Pause and reflect here. I chose the picture of the beautiful plumeria flower receiving water droplets. As always, nature knew it all along and has so many lessons for us. Flowers give, but not without receiving first. Often, we are in such masculine energy of go, go, go and meet that deadline and do this and that. And they might all be wonderful things, because we all want to contribute and save the world, right? Nothing wrong with that. But there needs to be a balance. Many books have been written on the masculine and feminine energy, workshops held and interviews done. I am merely scratching the surface here. Just to clarify, here are some traits for both energies. And by the way, we all have both energies inside of us. As I said, when I heard the traits rattled off in a talk, I needed to get a piece of paper and re-listen and write them down. They did something in me. After reading the list, pause and watch how you react.

Traits of masculine energy: Decisiveness, assertiveness, achievement, courage, risk-taking, dominance, adventurousness, leadership, reliability, prudence, strength, focus, structure, self-control, protective instinct, ambition, speed, purposefulness, willingness to act, strength of implementation, power Feminine energy qualities: Intuition, compassion, understanding, cordiality, sense of family, fertility, healing, peace, patience, docility, impulsiveness, warm-heartedness, sense of community, creativity, inspiration, creation, letting go, relaxation, enjoyment, empathy, adaptability, calmness, devotion, trust How did you respond? How did it make you feel? Which one jumped out at you? Here is your affirmation:

I am open to receive

Look at your everyday life and notice aspects and characteristics that come to your mind. Assign the characteristics to the male and female energy. Now here is the magic!! When you unite the qualities of the masculine and feminine energies, you live both from the mind and from your intuition. You have the right amount of structure and confidence and can do things with power and can also take breaks and receive new ideas, solutions and signs from God/the universe. How wonderful a world it would be, if we learn and allow ourselves to be more in our feminine energy. Let me know if this resonated. I loved hearing from you how you liked the bold, beautiful and brave affirmation.

PS: Message me for a free consult to start moving toward a more confident you..

You are loved. Deeply loved. Loved beyond measure.

Until next time, Isabelle

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