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Tuesday thoughts and Why Power

Hi Friends, Did you implement anything from last week about simplifying goals? I love hearing from you and how it spoke to you just when you needed to hear it. As promised, I want to touch on why will power doesn’t work. Will power is like gas in your car. It gets you to a certain point, but then runs out and leaves you stranded. Will power is excellent in getting you started. But it is not a sustainable source to reach your goal. Here is an excerpt from the book "The Compound Effect". -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

What is “why power”? How can defining the reasons and motives behind your goals help you change your life for the better?

According to Darren Hardy, the author of The Compound Effect, changing your life through the force of willpower is a dead undertaking. Instead of willpower, Hardy suggests you draw upon what he calls “why power.”

Here is how finding your “why power” can help you in your quest for success.

What Is “Why Power”?

Changing ingrained bad habits takes more than willpower. Willpower has likely failed you in the past. Think of resolutions that were abandoned and diets that went by the wayside. Willpower is not strong enough to keep you from sliding back into your ingrained bad habits.

You’ve got to figure out what you want and why you want it or you’ll give up too easily. Your “why” has to be incredibly motivating because it must ignite your enthusiasm and passion—emotions that will fuel your persistence. Knowing your “why” helps you stick through the hard stuff.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Just like in the picture, when you are on a hike, and the incline gets tough, what gets you to the top? Probably the feeling of accomplishment and the beautiful mountain view. A good exercise is to ask you why you want to achieve a given goal. And then ask yourself again: Why? Go a little deeper and see what you come up with. For example: you might have the will power to lose 20 pounds (and then gain them all back) unless you have a higher why power that says, "I am feeling fit and energized and love playing with my grandkids and I enjoy playing tennis with my friends." Do you see and feel the difference? That bigger vision, that why, will help you through that rough climb. It will keep you going. Being fit and playing with friends will also be part of your identity. So go back to your goals and look at them and find a common why. Once you have your very own why power, you have increased your chances of reaching success tremendously.

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You are loved. Deeply loved. Loved beyond measure.

Until next time,

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