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Tuesday Thoughts And You Can

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

Hi Friends, We talked about dreaming and I sent you my poem and encouraged you to be creative. How did you do? A few days ago, in the morning, as I read one of my brother's German books in the morning, I came across a quote that I knew I needed to share with you. It went something like this: "People tend to become that, in which we encourage them - not that, which we want them to become by our criticism." Is that the truth or what? Often we subconsciously manipulate others; sometimes we do it on purpose. And I am sure you have experienced the same as the recipient of such manipulative tactics. Do they feel good? Take that feeling into your body the next time someone criticizes you. You know the feeling. Tell me how it felt when someone "criticized" you into doing something. I know we agree that we don't wish to be treated like that. Let's be aware when we use this method with others. Again, a lot of it is subconscious. Now, take into your body the feeling that comes when someone encourages you to do something. Or to be somebody. How does that feel? A lot different, correct? It feels good, uplifting, empowering...encouraging. We all are the same in that regard. Never have I met a person who loves being criticized. Seldom have I met a person who loves being hard on themselves to accomplish something. There are some, of course, but I am not one of them. Usually, "normally", people respond a lot better to working on themselves and changing something in their lives through positive empowerment. I am thinking of the sports coach or trainer who stands over you yelling, "You can do it! No pain no gain! 10 more reps." Not all trainers of course are like that, but that wouldn't work for me, and probably not for you either. And yet, it is one way to motivate. I like the gentler version. When you think of yourself as someone who is beautiful, brilliant and brave, you feel differently. These beliefs don't happen over night. That's where coaching comes in. When you have someone at your side, encouraging you to keep saying and believing these new thoughts, and to start acting accordingly, and someone who keeps checking in to see how you implemented these new thoughts and actions, that's when change happens. Lasting change usually. Because then you have made changes in your brain, in your body, your beliefs and your routines. You are starting to become a better you. Not a new you because all that has already existed in you. I just unearth it and help it grow and unfold. I am offering a referral system now, where you get a free session if someone you refer to me signs up to work with me. Just send the person who just came to your mind this blog or this link for a free call. We all need a little boost. Encouragement goes a long way. PS: Message me for a free consult to start moving toward a more confident you.

You are loved. Deeply loved. Loved beyond measure.

Until next time, Isabelle

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