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Up Level Thursday

Hi friends, how are you? have you ever said "God's ways don't make sense." Correct. They often don't. Because we don't see the big picture. Above is a picture of Esther. There's a whole book written about her. She was a teenager. She was an exile living in Persia. An orphan. All she had was her cousin. And one day she was summoned to take part in a beauty pageant. What for ? To be part of a group of which the king would choose his queen. How scary is that for a teenager? In a foreign country , with foreign laws, and being married to the king?? It must not have made any sense to her at that moment. But God had the end in mind. If you haven't read the story, I won't ruin it for you, but she was chosen for "such a time as this" and was able to turn the fate of a very difficult circumstance. How about Joseph? Also a teenager. God gave him a dream, that he would be a ruler.. He tells it to his older brothers and parents, who get angry at him and literally decide to kill him. How is that for an answer to a dream God gave you? Sure didn't make sense. Then his life gets spared, he is sold into slavery. A slave? far from being a ruler. Then prison. Innocently. It seems to be getting worse. I wonder what Joseph's thoughts were. We all hear " from prison to palace." well, that didn't happen over night. Actually , that didn't happen for many years. But God had the end in mind. And every circumstance was a step closer to the fulfillment of the dream. The next story is not in the Bible. Its Tony Robin's story. As a child they were poor. So poor they couldn't afford thanksgiving. A well meaning family dropped off a meal for them, or groceries to make a meal. But his dad's pride did not let him accept the gift. tony never forgot that. When he was a young adult he started with feeding one family, then five, and now millions. Why? Because that story shaped him. I did not make sense to him then. But God had the end in mind. What about your current circumstances? Do they make sense? Can you release the resentment, worry, anger, self loathing.....and accept that there might just be a bigger picture? And a good one at that? What if the outcome is a queen saving her people? What if the outcome is a ruler saving his entire family? What if the outcome is one person determined to feed millions on thanksgiving? What if your story doesn't have to make sense? PS: Message me for a free consult so I can help you tell a different story.

You are loved. Deeply loved. Loved beyond measure.

Until next time, Isabelle Call or write for a free life coaching consultation #732-331-2246

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