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Up Level Thursday And Confidence

Hi friends, how are you? What is confidence? Something you have or don't have? Something some people are just born with ? I used to think that. I also used to think self confidence meant being a great leader. I knew that I had a lot of room to grow in many ways. And I had to acknowledge that I am already a leader. We all are. We all have someone who looks to us for help or guidance. You're a mom? You're a leader. You are employed? You are a leader. You are a nurse? you are a leader. You are a student? You are a leader. People look to you and see how you conduct yourself. Sometimes that's good, and sometimes not so good. I'm figuring out what confidence can look like. It can look like this:

  • I am strong and I am weak ( like pulling through rejection and sometimes letting it upset me)

  • I am empathetic and judgmental ( like totally understanding another human and sometimes judging what they said or even wore that day)

  • I am giving and I am selfish. ( like giving time to my family but wanting them to want to spend time with me too)

  • I am talented and a beginner at many things ( like I'm good when I'm coaching but a beginner with all things tech related)

  • I am kind and I am rude ( like dropping everything when my children are talking but rude when I'm interrupting them)

  • I am trying something new ( like starting a side gig with magnetic lashes)

  • I am meeting new people (some with much higher education and I am talking to them and having intelligent conversations)

  • I am wearing red lipstick ( totally out of my comfort zone)

I am all of these things… because I'm human, and it’s OK.

I am always learning to become more giving, loving, more patient, more capable, but none of my shortcomings are reasons not to be confident. This is what I'm learning: I'm learning to love all the parts of me. I am just a woman trying her best. And I am learning to love me exactly as I am. Because God already does. I choose confidence. PS: Message me for a free consult to see where we can build your confidence.

You are loved. Deeply loved. Loved beyond measure.

Until next time, Isabelle Call or write for a free life coaching consultation #732-331-2246

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