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Up level Thursday And The One You Forgot To Love

Hi friends, with all the political uproar and still going through the pandemic, I just totally want to switch focus on something different. You can't love others if you forget to love someone else first. You. Even in the Bible we are told to love our neighbors as ..... yourself. Almost like its a foundation. On which you build. Without it you can love, and it becomes people pleasing. Without it you can give of yourself, and you become resentful. Like my friend's sister. I just met with her this morning, and her sister is in a narcissistic marriage. That's not love. That's staying, giving, yielding and being resentful. Like the mom of young children who signs them up for dance, music, science clubs and everything, but she doesn't have time to recharge herself. That's not love. That's running, chasing and trying to mold them into something they might not want. And forgetting what she wants. I am not saying, don't sign them up for anything. I am talking about the extreme here. Like the woman who always says yes to helping her friends and family, but resents it and is feeling used. Nothing wrong with helping. You get the idea. Just imagine if that person, that wife, that woman, that man, took care of her/himself first, how much more could she give? She would be able to give from a full cup. Not a drained one. I'm sure you have met people who are very generous and loving and gracious. If you aspire to be like that person, make sure you do what you do for the right reasons. You want to help, because you decided it's the best thing. You like your decision and you have your own back. If I love myself first, in a healthy way, I can then love people. all people, all races, from all positions, all backgrounds. I would not have the need to hurt anyone. Blame anyone. Use anyone. The leaves in the picture above are a reminder to me that there's love all around me. I am loved. I need to take that love in. Soak it up. And then give it. PS: Message me for a free consult to start taking care of you. .

. You are loved. Deeply loved. Loved beyond measure.

Until next time, Isabelle Call or write for a free life coaching consultation #732-331-2246

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