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Why We Need problems

Hi friends, what did you implement last week? In this series I will cover why we need problems. They are part of life as we know, so let's look for the benefits. Put on your detective lenses and let's go in a treasure hunt. So when you are faced with a new problem and don't want to deal with it, look at this checklist below. It will shift your thoughts from : "Oh no!, I don't want to deal with this" to "That's right, there are hidden benefits here. Let's find them."

  1. We need problems --through them we widen our comfort zone and grow

  2. Accept the problem --first step to a helpful way of dealing with them is to accept them and not to fight against it

  3. Remember that what we focus on grows--you focus on the problem you will see more of it; you focus on the solution, you will see more solutions

  4. Our ability to solve problems is equal to our success in life--imagine what is possible if we are not shying away from facing and solving our problems

  5. Realize that at first we don't want the problems, but we need them to step up to the next level--we need them to get stronger

For more click on the video link below :)

Imagine the overwhelm dissipating.

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You are loved. Deeply loved. Loved beyond measure.

Until next time, Isabelle

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