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Celebrate Small Steps

Hi my friends, how are you? This is not in contrast to last's week grieving. This is really a life skill that would serve us well in many situations, big or small. Now here's a German immigrant writing to American friends how to celebrate. Americans sure know how to celebrate the big stuff, like graduations, even sweet 16 Birthday parties ( no such thing in Germany). Weddings are out of this world here. They are, or at least used to be, celebrated a lot simpler in Germany. What I am talking about today is more like giving ourselves a treat, like I give a treat to our doggy Buttercup every time she does you know what outside. And boy does she get excited about her treat. So a treat is like a mini celebration. A pat on the back, a "you did well". I tell my clients all the time to celebrate when they made a small or big change. Didn't loose it this week, only once compared to every day? Give yourself a treat. Put a new thought in your mind that helped you start the day in a more positive light? Give yourself a treat. You started a conversation without blame? Give yourself a treat.

I like to treat myself with walking through pretty places. The picture on the left is a neighboring town which held an art walk where you visited different participating stores and their galleries. Some even offered a glass of wine. Below is a picture of one of the many beautiful sunsets I get to see here in SW Florida. I want you to be aware of the little things you have changed. The one thing you did well today. The one time you didn't yell at your kids. The new affirmation you are saying over yourself. The little growth in confidence you showed. The time you were your authentic you and liked it. Above you see my children and their friends playing a card game. I LOVE playing games and connecting with my kids and their wonderful friends that way. That is a superb treat for me. Not always easy to get by. So what are some easier treats you can implement? I already mentioned a walk; how about a favorite tea or coffee or smoothie; a crossword puzzle; a hike with a friend; a visit to an expensive store without buying anything; a song; I heard ironing can be a treat?; visit an antique shop; a break with your furry friend; a chapter in a book; a few minutes of silence....

I hope I got you thinking about some easy to implement ideas for giving yourself a treat, for recognizing that you did something well. It tells your brain to do more of the same when you actually stop and acknowledge it. I know most of us don't even pay attention, and are not used to noticing what we are doing better than yesterday.

That's one the beautiful facets I love about coaching. I point out what you have done really well and I give you the homework of noticing it yourself and then celebrating it.

Celebrate The Small Things

You are loved. Deeply loved. Loved beyond measure.

Until next time, Isabelle

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