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Graduations and growing Up

Graduating and growing up

Hi friends, how are you doing?  It's graduation month and FB is full of grad pictures. It is a beautiful thing to celebrate, isn't it?  I often wonder what the story is behind these pictures. The joys, the struggles, the ups and downs. My middle school graduate had just graduated elementary school before we moved here. And my now senior had graduated middle school. It was a huge transition. They had to let go of old friends and make new ones. Let go of familiar things and find their way in a new jungle.  Even though there were weeks of tears after our move, including mine, we all managed to adjust.  They still miss friends, snow and the Atlantic waves. And my mother's heart wants to feel guilty  and sad. I let myself feel that for a while,. Just like I tell my clients. You have to allow yourself to feel it. Only then can you move on. I am planning on explaining that in more detail soon.

In my parenting teen group where we go through Mark Greggstons Tough Guys And Drama Queens, we just learned about giving over more responsibility to our teens. We need to get away from controlling everything to letting go of the reigns, a little at a time. If we on't, the will most certainly rebel against the strict rules. The challenge for the week was to just choose one area where we can transfer more responsibility to them. How else will they learn? We want them to be responsible adults, right? The best and safest place is to learn while they are still home. I love to say that we are their safety net. And that my friends, doesn't always feel good. A safety net is there when the acrobat falls.

I find it hard to let my teens fall. It hurts us too, doesn't it? 

I know. If you want to join us, you can. Thursday nights. I will send you the replays till now. Message me and I'll send you details.  So to my teens and yours:

May they learn to fail forward and may we learn to catch them with love.

You are loved. Deeply loved. Loved beyond measure.

Until next time, Isabelle

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