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No expectations for Mother's day

Who doesn't like a cute puppy picture. Ours is 12 years old though and her name is Buttercup.  Next week is mother's day and I will write something about that next week.  Until then, what if we released our expectations ? I've had mother's days where we all ended up frustrated. I can tell you it's so much better to go into it without expectations. Last year I had none and we all ended up going out for lunch. That was great. This year I showed my children my worn wallet and that if they were looking for a gift idea, I'd like a new one ;). But if they don't , that's fine too. Make it a win win for all. Don't force your kids to do or write or say or buy something. Release the expectations, relax and enjoy the day. Aren't they some of your best blessings???? Yes, even that one, the one you just thought about.  That child is your best teacher. Oh yes, I hated that too when I was told that. Or when I struggle in my marriage, "He is your best teacher". Honestly, I would like my teachers wrapped with a pretty bow and smiling please! But that's not life. Even though I tend to be a hopeless optimist, life is ugly sometimes and hard and yucky. That's all part of it. Now, don't give up on that child, or that spouse.  Keep working on yourself and you will be plenty busy and care half as much how the other person is showing up in your life. Trust me. It's true.

Here are some new thoughts I benefited greatly from implementing. 

I am learning to trust based upon the present and not the past

It’s possible that the past does not define the future

I am capable of learning to work with my brain instead of fighting it

It’s possible to process fear and anxiety in my body instead of letting it take over

Worry pretends to be necessary but offers no benefit

Exchange your expectations with appreciation

Telling the truth is always freedom

What other people think of me is none of my business

Growth is vital

It’s hard is a poisonous thought

I can handle this

People are doing the best they can

My spouse has my best interest in mind

Life is a classroom with no grades

I can create create a new story about my past

I can create my own happiness

Find what lights you up and do it

Liking yourself is your job, no one else’s

Love is always an option and always the best one

You are loved. Deeply loved. Loved beyond measure. Until next time, Isabelle

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