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Spring Cleaning

Boy, do I wish I had a crew like that here. Mr Clean and happy maids. People actually enjoy cleaning. I am not one of them. But what comes to mind when you hear spring cleaning ? Emptying out closets? Cleaning the garage? Clearing out cabinets? Cleaning windows? I actually did clean up my pile of magazines, and my pile of gift bags that blocked a whole door in the laundry room. And they had been there for over a year. Yep. I confess. Why didn't I clean it sooner? Because my brain told me its going to take too long. It doesn't bother anybody.....Well, when I finally got to it, it took me less than an hour and now all the nice looking ones will go to a donation center.  So keeping a clean home takes maintenance. Like : You have to vacuum more than once, or clean the windows again, oh and keep putting away those gift bags and magazines. It's a maintenance job. Not a once and for all done job. Kind of like our brain.

We don't say there's something wrong with the house because it gets messy again and again. It's just part of the deal. Do we give our minds the same understanding? Once we understood something we tend to think it's done. Lesson learned. But what if it's OK to go back to it again and again until it is ingrained in us like second nature. There's nothing wrong with our brains if we have to go back and back again to revisit a new thought until it becomes a new  belief that serves us better. A belief that keeps our mind clean.  I recently coached two clients on similar beliefs about approaching friends, like: "They won't like me." "I have nothing to offer." How beautiful when they can embrace a sparkling clean new thought like:"I have something to offer." " Why wouldn't everybody like me? If they don't, they are missing out!"

If you are stuck in dusty, moldy thinking and need some spring cleaning of the mind, I'm your girl. I will find the dust and help you see it and then show you how good a nice, new, sparkling, clean thought can feel. Message me. I'd love to do some spring cleaning with you.

You are loved. Deeply loved. Loved beyond measure.

Until next time, Isabelle

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