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Sunday step up and Victim Versus Owner

Victim versus Owner

How are you my friends? Today I want to contrast the victim and the owner mentality. I've learned so much about this and am continually implementing the lessons. Today I just want you to be exposed to this . If you have done work on your mindset you can go deeper, but if not , then juts look at it and understand that these two exist.

Victim Owner

it's not my fault-------------------------this is on me stuck--------------------------------------problem solver giving up---------------------------------committed irresponsible----------------------------responsible powerless--------------------------------powerful "I can't do anything about this" --"what can I do about this?" reactive-----------------------------------proactive complain---------------------------------problem solve blame-------------------------------------take responsibility not doing what you love-------------start doing what you love lack mentality---------------------------abundance mentality "I can't"----------------------------------"I'll try" "I have no choice"--------------------"I have a choice" being affected by everything--------making an affect people choose for me-----------------I choose "If only this hadn't happened to me"-"what can I learn from this?" "I don't have this"----------------------"How can I get this?" "I don't have anything to offer"------" I have value to offer" "Nobody likes me"----------------------"I'm likable"

These are just a few examples. There are many more. Where do you see yourself? You might unconsciously live in the victim camp. I just want you to know that that does not need to be your final destination. There is a way out. If you want it. So what is your operating system? Does it need an update? I'm offering you an update. Hop on my 20 minute free call and tell me where you're stuck. As an outsider I can much more easily see your way out and I have the tools to get you moving in that direction.

You are loved. Deeply loved. Loved beyond measure.

Until next time, Isabelle

Call or write for a free 20 minute life coaching session #732-331-2246

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