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Sunday Step Up And What If It Was Easy?

Hi, friends,

How are you?

We are totally in the rainy season here in SW Florida.

I am one week away from my oldest daughter's wedding, her best friend just arrived and things seem to be flowing perfectly. It totally helps to have a family member (aunt of groom ) who is a fabulous event coordinator. This translates into me just having to show up and not having to worry about anything! Sounds easy?

I was inspired by a podcast from Stacy Smith to look up Tim Ferris. She mentioned that he asked this mind-blowing question in his own life.


It goes with last weeks What if.. questions.

Here it comes...

Tim Ferris' question that led to new personal growth, new connections, new book, and much more:

"What would this look like if it were easy?"

He found that sometimes, he got incredible results by just focusing on ease instead of stress.

So, let's make this practical. Look at the picture above of the Birthday cake. My second oldest daughter made it. She just calmly tries out new ways to decorate a cake and does it.

My brain would go into:

"How? That looks too difficult. I've never done this."

She just does it. Just like that.

So what if?

  • planning a party was easy

  • hosting a holiday gathering was easy

  • writing a blog was easy

  • taking that art class was easy

  • learning a new language was easy

  • finding your college of choice was easy

  • tackling that difficult conversation was easy

  • speaking up for yourself was easy

  • switching careers was easy

  • hanging out with your teen was easygoing on regular date nights was easy

  • getting rid of negative thinking was easy

  • tackling that project was easy

  • reaching out to your parent/friend/brother-in-law was easy

  • getting laundry done was easy

  • making meal plans was easy

You get the idea. Try it. AND if some things end up being hard after all, I bet they are not as hard as you believed they would be. I guarantee that the waiting and procrastinating is so much heavier and so much more time consuming then the actual task.

For example, folding that pile of laundry probably took way less time than worrying about it and complaining about it and trying to ignore it. When you finally do it, it's done so quickly.

Imagine all the freed up space in your mind if you thought:

"What if it was easy?"

One of my clients said: "Getting rid of all those negative thoughts made room for so much more. I think clearer now and the brain fog is gone!"

Hallelujah. That's what I'm talking about.

PS: You want less brain fog? Write to schedule a free consult. I can't wait to help you put in some new what if's in your life.

You are loved. Deeply loved. Loved beyond measure.

Until next time, Isabelle

Call or write for a free life coaching consultation #732-331-2246

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