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Tuesday Thoughts And A New Affirmation

Hi Friends, Did you come up with a new vision to keep you going? Thank you for all your feedback. It makes my day when I read your responses and how it impacted you on some level. Thank you, thank you, thank you! As you might know, I encourage myself amongst other things, by listening to positive, educational or inspirational podcasts. One of them was about investing and low and behold, they also talked about affirmations. Why do we need affirmations? To trick your brain…Let me explain. Let's say you are home alone, it’s night, it’s dark and you hear SOMETHING unfamiliar. What happens next? Your brain fires you ideas like, "There is another person. What if it’s a burglar or a murderer? I don’t want to die this way. He is getting closer… Right? At this moment your brain is convincing you that there is another person in the house and that this person is evil. You have experienced this, correct? Now, was that the truth? Most likely not. Most likely it was the wind or a branch knocking at your window or something else. So, your brain convinced you that your thoughts were the truth and you believed it. Did you know it works the other way too???? You can let your brain convinced you of something that might not feel like the truth, but the more you said it the more you believed it. For example, if I feel that I am scared or get anxious easily, like I do I often, I say, “I face my challenges.” As soon as I say it my brain fires away: "Yeah right, you can’t even do ABC. You didn't do ABC last time. You will never do that. You are not that brave..." And on and on. It’s like the never ending story. AND with time, you silence that inner critic. (See blog from a few weeks back:) I have a whole page of affirmations, and I recorded a whole bunch with my voice, which helps to convince my brain even more. I also listen to them every morning. I am reprogramming my mind. Now, if I hear myself tell myself every morning that I FACE MY CHALLENGES, I start believing it AND I am more likely to act on it. Before I give a few more ideas, let me invite you to book a session with me. If you mention this blog, you will receive a 20% discount. I am really good at reframing and finding affirmations that align with you. Afraid? I am brave I take action with fear I get through challenges Stressed? I am kind even in stressful situations I take care of myself I rest Feeling like you’re behind? I move forward one step at a timeframe I am where I need to be I am tenacious Feeling undisciplined? I keep promises to myself I am disciplined I make a difference And so on. You need to write and declare one that fits you and your situation. Click here to get a whole list of affirmations. The following list is faith based. Have fun with this and let me know how it goes!!

I am learning every day to allow the space between where I am and where I want to be to inspire me.

Traci Ellis Ross

You are loved. Deeply loved. Loved beyond measure.

Until next time, Isabelle

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