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Tuesday Thoughts And Balance

Hi Friends, Did you take away anything from the Rhythm of Nature? Some of you told me how timely it was in your life. And today, I want to elaborate on that thought. You know I get inspiration from things around me and this time it was something a person being interviewed said. For us to have balance in life, we can't just keep adding things. We need to simultaneously let go of things. Therefore, the picture above of the old fashioned scale. Pictures help me and my brain understand things. For this scale to balance out its cups, each one needs to hold the same weight. Different items, but the same weight. If they are not the same weight, one cup is lower and one higher and you can clearly see the difference. Don't you wish we had a picture like that in our lives?

  • Hey, you are sitting too much! Get up and move!

  • You are on the go too much, sit and relax.

  • You signed up for too many classes, take 2 out.

  • It’s time to learn something new; sign up for a class.

  • You are spending too much on frivolous things, slow down.

  • You have extra money in savings, go use it and make memories.

  • You are spending too much time at work. Use your vacation time and enjoy the time off.

  • You haven’t put enough effort in at work. Time to buckle down.

  • You have been hibernating at home. It’s time to see a friend.

  • You have been out too much with your friends. Allow yourself some alone time.

  • You have been researching a lot about this hobby. Time to take action.

  • You started too many hobbies. It’s time to focus on just a few.

  • You focus and worry too much about your family.

  • You haven’t talked to your family in a long time. Pick up the phone.

  • and so on…

What things could you let go of in your life that hinder you right now to shine as your purest self: emotionally, at work, in your private life, from your past, in your health...?

What have you allowed yourself to separate from?

Again, think of nature: fall is about letting go. It’s part of the balance and rhythm of life.

I know letting go is hard. We have a much harder time letting go of something than we do adding something to our life.

I have talked with clients who are holding on to past paradigms and stories about themselves that they believe. Or, they hold on to old habits or jobs or situations in which they feel they should continue. I love to question all of that.

I do it very kindly and I guide them forward.

Letting go hurts. Does your mom have all your art projects from elementary school and you are in your forties, fifties? Why? Because holding on feels better than letting go.

You can learn to let go so you feel lighter and less burdened and you will have room to add to your life only what you choose wisely.

I want you to write down what came to your mind while reading this. Whatever that is, that was an important message. Write it down. That thing is probably what you need to let go of.

Just as we clutter up our homes, we clutter up our emotional world and our thought world.

Some of us think holding on makes us strong, but sometimes it is letting go.

Hermann Hesse

It's time to let go.

I can help you.

Message me.

PS: Message me for a free consult to start moving toward a more balanced you.

You are loved. Deeply loved. Loved beyond measure.

Until next time, Isabelle

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