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Tuesday Thoughts And Black And White Thinking

Hi Friends,

What did you implement last week?

Today I want to focus on black and white thinking.

Either or.

This or that.

My clients and I often find ourselves in black and white thinking.

We see ONE option and it's not one we want to implement, so we.....feel stuck.

Stay at the job or leave

Going back to school full time or not at all

Dropping a friend

Lose 50 pounds or don't even start

Keep the business or drop it

Career choices

School choices

Meal choices...

Last week, we talked about graduation. How many moms do you know who have one career choice for their children and push them to pursue it?

By the way, none of my kids are studying or are employed in jobs I envisioned for them.

Are you even employed in the career you studied for?

Or did life take you down a different path?

Did you start with one career and then switch?

One of the best things I learned in coach training is this:

There’s always an option!

Have you noticed that people change and grow? That influences everything in their lives;

their diet, their jobs, their friends, their partners, their habits...

We are human beings and capable of change. I don't want you to stay in the stuck position; in your black and white thinking.

Either this job or that. Either this boyfriend or none. Either this college or none. Either this amount of weight loss or I give up. Either she behaves better at the next family gathering or she is not invited anymore. Either he gets an A in this class or I'm done being involved in his schooling.

There is always an option.

It doesn't have to be black and white.

You want to switch jobs but are not sure? What options do you have? Can you do part time while exploring another job? Can you volunteer in the other field and see if you even like it? Can you switch jobs inside your company? Can you take a class that would benefit your positioning?

You have many options when it comes to your friend circle. Or who you date and how you date. Many, many options in how to loses weight.

A good question to ask yourself when you feel stuck is this:

Is there another option?

And just asking that question will force your brain to come up with an answer. Don't push that answer away, as it might surprise you. Be curious and explore it.

I have heard and read sad stories where parents didn't talk to their children anymore because of the career they chose, or because of the partner they chose, or the lifestyle or religion they chose. That's black and white thinking that gets you stuck. And that ruins relationships.

Is that what you want?

Is there an option for you to choose to show up differently? Show up with curiosity instead of judgment? Show up with an open heart instead of a closed mind?

If you have a life situation where you feel stuck and need neutral advice from someone outside of your situation, who is not emotionally involved in it, then contact me. Thats' what I love to do.

You are loved

Deeply loved

Loved beyond measure

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