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Tuesday Thoughts And E-Motion

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

Hi Friends, Did you try out the sentence? I heard from a few of of you that you tried it right away. I celebrate you. I respect you for your implementation. That’s where change comes. First we hear, then we change our thinking, then we feel different, then we DO. And we get different results. I am proud of you! Today, I need to share what has been stuck in my head since I heard it. It’s about the word emotion: E-motion E for energy. Energy in motion. I couldn't love this more. Because that's exactly what it is, and that is exactly what emotions are meant to do. They are meant to move through us. And you know how hard it is for us women to believe this simple truth? How often have you been told that you are too sensitive, too loud, too silly, too serious, too much, too quiet, too moody...fill in the blank. All of us are meant to feel emotions. ALL OF THEM. So what if people don't get it? It's time to focus on you and what you are feeling. Often, we are afraid of feeling sadness or anger. Oh yes, when I say feel your anger, I get deer in the headlights looks because we were told to be nice. Well, nice isn't always the right thing to be. If you have been wronged and you feel angry, then that is totally normal. Now, I am not saying spew out your anger or push it down and pretend it isn't there. That's not healthy. Same with joy. We are afraid to feel joy, because someone could be sad and we could be making them feel worse. I encourage you to feel joy. All of it. Now, let's talk about the motion part. Have you ever felt better after a walk or a good run or a workout in the gym? I can remember back as a teenager in Germany; life at home was difficult with an older dad, his companion, and no mom (she had passed). I also remember signing up for ballroom dance lessons with a group of girls. I loved it. Every Saturday or Sunday there were dance socials and it didn't matter how frustrated I felt before the social; I felt lighter and more joyous afterwards. The heavy energy that moved through my body was replaced with lighter, happier energies. I didn't know it back then, but that's what happened. The heavy energy moved out of my body. How do you like to move your body? One of my habits is a daily morning stretch, not with yoga pants and fancy anything. Actually, I am in my PJs and stretch before I go downstairs for my lemon water and coffee. Stretching feels really good. I encourage you to try what feels good to you. Stretching, walking, swimming, dancing, bicycling....Many of these you can do at home. Just promise me, you will move your body. Our town offers beach yoga. I might go back. Look around your town. Are they offering anything that you might like? Martial arts? Water aerobics? Boxing? Hip Hop? Or just grab a friend and walk. That's what I am doing after writing this to you. You can also just "shake it off" with Taylor Swift at home when stress and frustration and overwhelm come over you. Notice it and make a decision to move your body. And report back to me how you felt.

Energy is meant to move through you. E- Motion

Have fun with this. Explore and be curious about what will work for you.

PS: Message me for a free consult to start moving toward a more confident you.

You are loved. Deeply loved. Loved beyond measure.

Until next time,

Isabelle Call or write for a free life coaching consultation #732-331-2246

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