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Tuesday Thoughts And Feminine energy

Hi Friends, 

Thank you for your feedback on incorporating small ways to celebrate life! I always love to hear your thoughts.

 This month is Women's History Month and I want to start out talking a little bit about feminine energy. It can be confusing. Let's begin with what it is not. It is not the way we dress and if we wear skirts, makeup and heels. Could that be one of the ways your feminine energy plays out in life? Of course. But, it's not the outside I am concerned about right now. It's the inside work that is the foundation of unlocking your potential creativity and love with the understanding of the principle of feminine and masculine energy.

Feminine and masculine not only stand for gender, but also for certain characteristics and energies in our lives. Regardless of our gender, we all have yin and yang within us. So what does the feminine and masculine stand for, why are they so often out of balance and how can you harmonize the energies again to get into your power and create a truly extraordinary life?

"The most beautiful harmony comes from bringing opposites together."


Yin & Yang: What do the feminine and masculine in our lives stand for?

The universal law of polarity states that everything in life always has two sides. There is good and bad, beginning and ending, darkness and light and also the feminine and masculine.

The feminine power stands for: 


Basic trust




Surrender and letting go


Creativity and inspiration



Enjoyment and relaxation


The masculine power stands for: 

Realizing / Implementing

Decision making







Strength and power

When we combine the qualities of these two energies, we live from both our intuition and our mind, we can make things happen and also take breaks and slow down. We have the right balance of control and trust. This is how we create a life of balance, ease and joy.

However, when the feminine and masculine energies are out of balance, our whole life is out of balance and this is the cause of many of our problems in our relationships, our career and our finances. Of course, books could be written on how our parents influenced our understanding and our conclusions on what feminine and masculine energy mean.

We experienced their energies and made conclusions. Those conclusions might still be running our life subconsciously. 

 Forgiveness and making peace with what our mother did, is crucial to fully live in our feminine power and enter into positive, healthy relationships with our partner as well as with friends and other women.

When we forgive our father and make peace with the experiences we have had with our father, we can have more harmonious interactions with men, live in a fulfilling relationship and integrate and express our own masculine energy.

I would like you to just be aware of the energy you operate in during the day. I remember being in my masculine a lot while getting my children ready for the day. Things needed to get done. I felt much more in my feminine when we celebrated birthdays, sat on the couch and snuggled and read books, played in the park or created art.

Your affirmation for the week:

I am aware of my feminine energy


P.S.: Message me fro a free consult to move towards a more confident you.

You are loved

Deeply loved

Loved beyond measure

Until next time, Isabelle

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