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Tuesday Thoughts And Finding joy

Hi Friends, I hope you felt inspired to do one thing about your loneliness. When you read this, it will have been the one year anniversary of my brother's death. Tomorrow, I am planning to go to a Griefshare session. I didn't go last year because I felt supported. But now, after a year, the pain is getting stronger so I am reaching out for help. So, why write about joy? Because they go hand in hand. Loss, grief, joy and togetherness. You don't experience one without the other. I did a little survey and asked you what specific things in your life brought you joy. I will share them below.

  • What brought me joy? Walking back down the aisle with my husband after we both said "I do."

  • My favorite memories of my family are when my husband was pushing my 11 year old in a banana stroller down a hill, down the shore while my 2 year old and I were walking and it tumbled over and over while hubby was chasing it and people thought it was a baby and a big boy stepped out. It was like a scene.from Jack Ads and I used in my 2nd stand up routine.

  • Honestly I’ve been overcome with joy these last few years. Seeing my teammates win brings me happiness and joy as this is what my dreams were. I wanted people to feel better because they know me and now I make a whole living out of it.

  • When I am noodling around with a new melody and lyrics to write a new song, a certain bliss starts to come over me. As the song comes together and then gets perfected I can't get enough of it, playing and singing it over and over again. I can ride this bliss out for days.

  • Autumn leaves and how they show off their colors. Joy and awe at the same time!

  • Joy is the reward I receive from doing my “job” of helping people with Parkinson’s disease. For instance, setting the exercise standard very high and they reach it! They leave feeling exhausted but accomplished and proud. I am joyful because I know I pushed them past their expectations and at least for one day, we chased PD away.

  • Joy is when I hear my daughters sing the same Sunday School choruses to their children that I sang to them.

  • Joy is having a second chance at true love in one lifetime.

  • I think as simple as holding the hand of a person and see this person smile. It brings joy to your soul that you did something good today.

  • I enjoy spending time with my adult children and hearing about their wonderful and inspiring lives.

  • Roller-skating down the street or to a friend's house always made me feel free and joyful.

  • Joy is when Noah decides he should only get half his allowance for his weekly chores since Thanksgiving week threw off his chore schedule

  • The thing which brings me the most joy is walking outside daily. Nature fills me with so much joy it’s hard to describe. Euphoria.

  • It brings me joy when I look back at my children laughing inside a fort they just built! Simple pleasures.

  • Breakfast with a good friend at Goody-Goody on Hyde Park

  • Sunsets. Being grateful for another day. When I’m at home….crafting. I love making beaded jewelry.

  • The day I married my husband was fabulous. Married the man I loved, had family and friends there. A big party(we did many big parties during our marriage), we danced and I sang at the wedding. Through the years we traveled a lot, danced almost every week, had lots of big parties, and I sang. Our life was wonderful!

  • Hearing my daughters laughing together always bring me joy.

  • My children used to sing while washing up when they were younger. Always put a smile on my heart and I'm grateful for that xx

  • and I, Isabelle, find joy in a conversation or a smile from my teen/young adult children.

  • I also find joy in walking at the beach, watching a sunset and listening to bird songs.

  • I find joy when google sends me picture memories of my children.

  • I find joy when a friend reaches out and we meet and have a good chat.

  • I find joy when I get my 16 year old to smile.

  • I find joy when you guys tell me you like my Sunday funnies that I post in my brother's honor.

Joy is part of our lives. And we need to look for it sometimes. You know I write about intention and mindset a lot. What if you wake up in the morning and say, "Thank you for the joy I will find today."

Find joy in the ordinary moments of life Isabelle

If we want to experience joy, we open ourselves at the same time, to experience hurt and pain. We can't just experience joy. You also won't know what joy feels like when you have never experienced pain and loss and grief. So who is willing to open their heart ? I know it can be difficult. You have been hurt before and your heart is closed. It's a self protection thing. But then we get lonely, and we search for connectedness and joy. Well, we have to find a way to get courage to open our hearts again. Our hearts are meant to feel. To feel ALL the emotions. The whole spectrum. Some don't feel good, but without them we would never be able to get to experience the "good" ones. So how can you open up to find joy today? I encourage you to be open and look. I guarantee you will find at least one thing that brought you joy. And you know what? That brings me joy because joy is contagious! Please write and tell me what you found today that brought you joy! I love hearing from you.

PS: Message me for a free consult to start moving toward a more confident you.

You are loved. Deeply loved. Loved beyond measure.

Until next time, Isabelle

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