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Tuesday Thoughts and I Am Not Creative

Hi Friends, Have you looked at abundance in a different light? I applaud you for stretching your mind and seeing the world in a slightly different way. Well done. Today I want to write about our belief that we are not creative. I have heard people say that. I am sure you have, too. You might admire someone's painting and say to yourself, "Wow, I am not an artist. I am not creative like that." Let's look at that thought :) You don't have to be an artist to call yourself creative. In fact, an artist who paints is using just one form of being creative. And in the realm of painting, there are millions of ways to express yourself. Our town has craft fairs where artists exhibit their art in a booth and and as a guest you walk through downtown and are able to see all the different ways people use their creativity. So many different ways! Photography, ceramics, oil paintings, acrylic paintings, cards with poetry, metal sculptures, stone sculptures, hand made bags, handmade soaps, silk scarfs, all kinds of jewelry, home made candles...and the list goes on. Every time I am amazed at how people come up with all these ideas!!! A good book to read on how these ideas work is Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. Now, you might be saying, " But, I can't paint or sew or create beautiful photography!" That might be so. Let me encourage you by stating that you ARE creative and by showing you HOW you are creative. In fact, everyone is creative because it is an innate thing. We are all creative. We create every day, all day. (I don't want to take a detour here and talk about how we can creative new thoughts. One of my faves.) Back to more tangible ways of expressing creativity. It might just have been stifled over the years. I guarantee, that as a child, you had nothing holding you back from expressing your creativity. Maybe well meaning parents or teachers criticized your efforts and then you started seeing something wrong with your way of creating. So when you say in the present that you have no creativity, you are actually affirming that criticism. Yes, there are negative affirmations. I don't recommend them. ;) These negative affirmations are the ones that come automatically and we need to change them. Look at the picture above. What do you see? A beautiful table setting. Are you one of those people who love to set the table beautifully for guests? That is creativity. And I love to be a guest where someone thought about how to set the table in a most beautiful and appealing way. See, if you are that person, you are helping make someone's day better. I have a client who finished painting a most beautiful three piece beach scene for her daughter. Absolutely stunning. A friend in my vision mastermind class, is getting back to ceramics and another is painting landscapes. Another client got back to writing poetry. Yes, part of my coaching is encouraging people to be themselves and figuring out what they neglected to do that brought them joy. It's so much fun to watch them be curious and creative again!!! To jumpstart your innate creativity, which might be slumbering or covered with layers of negative affirmations, here are a few ideas: Are you good at any of these? And please write to me what you would like to add to this list.

  • making your bed

  • preparing a meal

  • setting a table

  • making a bouquet of flowers

  • preparing a cocktail

  • gardening

  • kindness to others

  • making or writing a greeting card

  • writing a poem

  • decorating your home

  • how you make people laugh (check my social media for my Sunday funny in honor of my brother)

  • web design

  • photography

  • drawing/painting

  • ceramics

  • sewing

  • needlework

  • jewelry making

  • wood work

  • refinishing furniture

  • floral design

  • landscaping

  • gardening

  • interior design

  • any form of music

  • producing creative social media content

  • dancing

  • singing

  • signing (ASL)

  • acting

  • comedy

  • creative writing

  • how you make your bed

  • video editing

  • cooking/baking

  • brainstorming new inventions

  • teaching others what you know

  • make-up/hair

  • making a vision board

  • and many, many more.

Here are a few affirmations you can use to rewire the old ones:

I am always in touch with my creative source. I express myself with ease. My creativity surprises me.

And as always, just notice the ways you already are expressing yourself creatively. You are creative. Let me know what you noticed! PS: Message me for a free consult to start moving toward a more confident you.

You are loved. Deeply loved. Loved beyond measure.

Until next time, Isabelle

Call or write for a free life coaching consultation #732-331-2246

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