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Tuesday Thoughts And Just Stop

Hi friends, what did you implement last week? I took this picture late summer in NC, knowing that I wouldn't have the color change down here in Florida. Nature teaches us that letting go is just part of it all. This afternoon, I let go of: "You have to finish this newsletter in one sitting." I let go and let myself rest for a while. I am also learning to let go of unnecessary suffering. As in being a martyr. We don't have to be martyrs. We really don't.

Have you been taught, as a young girl, that being a wife and becoming a mother would be the most important job in the world? That the more you suffer the better of a Christian you are?

I think the mom part is true. Considering that we are raising the next generation and teaching them values and beliefs.

I love being a mom.

And then in my 40's, I learned that I'm a much better mom and altogether better human being, when I stop being in suffering mode. Suffering as in :

  • inviting the new kid to your kids birthday party because you are kind, but neither your child nor the rest of the party liked it

  • always considering other's needs first and forgetting about myself because I am a servant

  • not taking time to meet with just friends, just because

  • always doing what's hard because you believe that's God's will for your life

  • not taking enough days off to just be with the kids and have fun cause duty was calling

  • not saying what you need or want or don't want

I thought this is what it was supposed to be.

Below is an excerpt from Jody Moore that resonates this very well. We must have been on the same wave length:) she says: But I was wrong.

I was wrong about so many things.

I was wrong in the heaviness I had created around my role as a mom and wife.. I decided to believe that I can love my kids fiercely and not be defined by my role as a mom.

I decided to embrace that I was going to be good at parts and terrible at parts of this job as it goes.

I decided to allow myself to be fully me and not try to pretend to be the martyr.

I realized if I don't fulfill myself I'll never be as good of a mother as I could be.

I understood I don't ever have to play on the floor with my toddlers and we might all be better off as a result.( I ,Isabelle happened to love that part of being a mom)

I choose to define myself and my role as a mom for myself instead of how the world told me to define it.

I'm so glad I figured that out when I did.

Jody, I agree and I myself let go of some beliefs that freed me up to enjoy life to its fullest. Isn't that the godly way? What made me a better mom and human, was deciding to stop suffering unnecessarily. I still cry, but more so for happy moments. I am very intentional about setting goals and following my dreams. And here's the good part: My children and all those around me will benefit from it. They know I will always support them, always. But it is so much better to do this with a servant heart that is full of joy and dreams. Not a servant heart that is putting herself down and being invisible. Fulfilling my dreams will benefit them in so many ways. No-one likes a martyr. What unnecessary suffering are you going to let go of? Imagine the heaviness dissipating.

Need help? Message me.

PS: Message me for a free consult to start moving toward a more confident you.

You are loved. Deeply loved. Loved beyond measure.

Until next time, Isabelle

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