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Tuesday Thoughts And Mother's Day

Hi Friends, 

You just observed, celebrated or ignored Mother's Day last Sunday.

There are so many moms out there: Moms who have lost their mom (I lost mine very young), moms who are empty nesters, moms with a full house, moms with a disabled child, moms with foster children, moms who are estranged from their moms, moms with a great relationship with their mom, new moms...

It's a touching subject and I want to take an inclusive approach to Mother's Day.

Let's start by acknowledging all different experiences. We recognize that Mother's Day can evoke a range of emotions for different women, including joy, safety, connection, sadness, grief, anger or even ambivalence. I, also, want to honor all types of Motherhood. There are various ways women express motherhood beyond biological or traditional roles, such as nurturing, mentoring, and caregiving.

We need to learn and celebrate self-love and reparenting our inner child. I highly encourage women to practice self-compassion and celebrate yourself for all the things you have done well, all the roadblocks you overcame and all the things you did that no one ever saw. Look at the picture above. It's depicting "my" older, wiser self, my present day self and me as a young girl. It's AI generated. We are connected and we can heal the inner child, gain wisdom from the wiser self and be present in the here and now.  Whether you are a mother or not, by engaging in self-care activities or reflecting on your own growth and achievements, you are taking part in healing your family.  

Remembering lost loved ones is part of Mother's Day as well.  I want to provide space for women to honor and remember mothers who are no longer with them. Do you have any meaningful rituals or dedications that helped you with your loss?

Many women are navigating estrangement from their moms. You might be navigating a complex relationship and it's draining you. Please embrace the importance of setting boundaries and seeking support if needed. Don't forget to seek community and connection. Read my recent blog on that topic here.

I encourage you to connect with others who may share similar experiences, either online or through local support groups, fostering a sense of solidarity and understanding.

Let's not forget about gratitude and reflection. I invite you to reflect on the positive influences and lessons learned from maternal figures in your life, regardless of the circumstances.

This week's affirmation:

I am grateful for the positive influences I received from maternal figures in my life.


And finally, let's look ahead. There's hope and resilience as Mother's Day can also be an opportunity for personal growth and healing. Would you like to explore any of these points further? I am open for a free chat if you want to talk about whatever just came up for you this Mother's Day. 

PS: Message me for a free consult to start moving toward a more confident you.

 You are loved. Deeply loved. Loved beyond measure.

Until next time,


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