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Tuesday Thoughts and New Growth

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

Hi Friends, What did you implement last week? I want you to look at the above picture. What do you see? If you look carefully, you will see some brown dried up stems under the lush green leaves. This is what happened: I planted this beautiful lily last year and in Florida you can leave it in the ground all winter. Winter is dry season down here and I did not water these lilies. In fact, I forgot about them, kind of. To my dismay, when I finally did take time for them, I saw a lot of dead, brown stems and leaves. i was sure I had killed them. They didn't get enough water and dried up, and now I won't have any beautiful lilies this year. But I didn't give up hope completely. I took out the pruning sheers and cut all the dead leaves and stems down. To my surprise, I saw a few tiny green baby shoots!! There was hope. And just a couple weeks later is when I took the above picture. I had watered it and then it rained. I have a lot to learn about gardening, as you can see, but isn't that what spring is all about? New growth, even if it seemed dead. What area of your life needs a little attention? Some pruning? Some watering? You know the new growth had no way of happening, had I not cut back the dead branches. What area of your life do you want to focus on? Selfcare? Children? Partner? Hobbies? Business? Finances? Volunteering? Spiritual growth? Extended family? I highly encourage you to only focus on one. Because it takes work, dedication, and time. If you want to, let's say, grow spiritually. You need to make room for that. Take a close look at the whole "plant". What branches are dead and need to be cut off? What is alive and needs attention? How will you give it attention? What do you want to see as a result? Growing spiritually is very vague. Let’s make it more specific. For example, I want to fill myself up more with spiritual teachings. Then decide to listen or read every day on this subject. Write it down and mark it off every day as a completed task. Then take a "look" after a month, and notice what changed. I am blessed to be in a weekly group, where we do just that. I started this group to answer a need for accountability to finish a course we had signed up for about vision. The members now have become good friends; a beautiful side effect of meeting weekly over zoom. We have people from the US, England, Australia, and United Arab Emirates. We encourage each other to grow and stretch and keep going. Of course, that's what I do in my coaching, too. It's about seeing what needs to go. Just like the old dust and dirt that you get rid of in your spring cleaning. And then deciding what needs to take its place. You decide. Get very clear on that and then put it in practice and keep yourself accountable. I would love to hear from you about which area of your life you will focus on. And again, thank you for all those who wrote back about resting. I love to hear from you.

Get out of your own way You will thank yourself. Make room for new growth. I can't wait to see you bloom. Imagine the beauty that is to follow.

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You are loved. Deeply loved. Loved beyond measure.

Until next time,

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