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Tuesday Thoughts and New Year Resolutions

Hi Friends, 

I heard from some of you that you started your gratitude jar right away. That fills me up and gives me energy to share these inspirations with you. 

January is a month full of new year's resolutions. I hope yours are not like the dandelion seeds in the above picture...floating away. 

What makes some people stick with their resolutions? I myself don't even make new year's resolutions. 

I usually make a vision board, write goals and, if needed, adjust my daily routines. I, also, choose a word of the year that will guide me through; kind of like a motto to fall back on. 

It's all about the routines. Once you've established a new habit as a routine, you do not need to struggle anymore. It's automatic. You just do it. 

Let me share an example with you. I struggled with reading everyday, for a long time.  It's not that I didn't read at all,  just not daily. Until...I put one of my brother's books I brought home after his memorial, right next to where I write to him in a journal. Same spot. And I read a paragraph or 2 or even a few pages. I got through quite a few books that way. So, now it's a routine. No more struggle. It also aligns with my value of keeping his memory alive, and of educating myself. 

I enjoyed what Hal Alrod, who wrote the Miracle Morning, had to say about establishing routines. He says: 

1. Declare your intentions: Understand that experiencing any given day as your best ever is a mindset and a perspective that you are in complete control of. It is based on how you choose to show up to the day, not based on what happens to you. Declare that you are committed to making TODAY the best day of your life, and then...

2. Live your values: Clarify your values and the activities that will allow you to live in alignment with what matters most to you. Remember what made it my best day ever was simply living in alignment with my values (health, fitness, family, goals, etc.) What matters most to you? Get clear on your values.

Does that make sense? You declare and then you act according to your values. If any of you don't know your values, I will gladly send you a compilation in a PDF. Just ask me for it :) 

Starting your day with an intention is so good. I do that especially when I have a hard day ahead of me. I have an intention of showing up friendly, relaxed and loving. That was what I did the day I celebrated Christmas with my children. There are a lot of challenges right now, so I needed a clear intention. 

It really helps. You could also have an intention of living the day fully or being present and in the moment. Feel free to share with me what values and intentions you came up with. 

Make it easy and doable. What new habit do you want to declare? And make sure it aligns with one of your values because if it doesn't, it won't stick. 

Maybe a value of yours is friendship. You could decide to daily write a note to your friends; a quick hello. Nothing overwhelming. Something that aligns with your value. Maybe you'd like to be fancy and write a real card? I have one friend who is unbeatable when it comes to sending cards and gifts, just because. 

Maybe it's sending a funny reel on Instagram, or an inspiring one. It doesn't take much time and it feels good. You have brightened someone's day.  

This weeks affirmation is: 

I am aligning with my values.



If you know of someone who needs help finding their values and implementing a new routine, send them my way. 

PS: Message me for a free consult to start moving toward a more confident you.

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