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Tuesday Thoughts And Radical Acceptance

Hi Friends, I hope you were inspired by last week's musings on right or wrong decisions. This week, I have to share about radical acceptance. When I looked for a fitting picture, all I saw was radical sports. I get it. That takes courage and guts. But what about radical acceptance? Acceptance of what, you may ask. Acceptance of whatever happened in your life that seems to have put you in a tailspin. The thing that you think about and gets you riled up the most. It could be a person, or rather something that person did or didn't do, said or didn't say. It could be... An illness Someone's death A natural catastrophe A lost friendship An estranged child A dying parent A lost house or job A conversation gone terribly wrong A deafening silence from a loved one A dead end job A spouse who cheated A friend who betrayed you Oh, there are so, so many things that could befall us, where we say: This is too much! I can't take it anymore. And I want you to know that that is a very human reaction because either you or someone you love has been there. A client recently mentioned that she was tired of fighting this thing in her life. And after empathizing, I asked what would happen if she stopped fighting it? Silence. Deep thoughts. We talked about it, and I know it helped her accept the situation and move the next day. And the next week. Sometimes, that's all my clients can see or envision. Radical acceptance. Think of how much energy you have freed up if you stopped fighting a certain circumstance and put that energy into accepting? Because it is what it is. You and I can't change the past. After radical acceptance comes vision and forward movement. You will find a way to make the situation or yourself better. Maybe that means getting help with a sick spouse. Or applying to another job. Or hiring a coach to deal with all the emotional @$%@. Or distancing yourself from a person who drains you. Or making new friends. Or rebuilding a house or relationship.

Just like the gorgeous cacti in the picture. It comes with thorns and thistles,....and once a year it displays gorgeous blooms. I took that picture in Sedona. Do you see the heart in it? I did not get to see the blossoms.... but google did :). Your energy is so much better served in envisioning and implementing a better future than when you stay stuck fighting the big WHAT IS. Use that energy to take care of yourself and go from there. My client did. I did. And so can you. If you don't accept the what is, you can't forgive. Oh forgiveness! Well, that's a whole other topic. A big one. I am actually in a coaching class on forgiveness. Yes coaches have coaches! And I'm learning so much. Forgiveness doesn't happen overnight. It also doesn't negate what someone did to you. It doesn't make it right. Forgiveness sets you free. It makes you right with the Divine again. And it's a process. Remember, in order to forgive and set yourself free, you must accept what happened. Ready to accept the thorns and see the blooms open? What incredible beauty can develop out of incredible pain. Poems have been written on it. Songs have been sung about it. Every spiritual practice involves acceptance; beauty out of ashes.

Stop fighting. Let go. Accept.

And let the blossoms open. Isabelle

PS: Message me for a free consult to start moving toward a more confident you.

You are loved. Deeply loved. Loved beyond measure.

Until next time, Isabelle

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