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Tuesday Thoughts And Remember?

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

Hi Friends, What did you take away from the thoughts on developing? This weeks focus blends in with that theme. We will go back to your childhood, before society, family, friends, teachers, churches, communities, clubs and everything out there indoctrinated you with their beliefs and tried to put you in a box; some more successful than others. If you think about it, the rebels in life are those who refused to be put in a box! The women I work with are often just like me. We were easy to be controlled and manipulated because we wanted to do everything right for everyone else. In one of the courses I took, we had to find a picture of ourselves as a little child and then write adjectives that descried her or him. What came to my mind about myself was:

Yes, that's little Isabelle on a swing in her home in Germany. I want you to do the same. Of course, I would love to be at your side as your coach and help you through it as these memories can open quite a few locked up emotions. Write to me if you are interested in booking a session. It would be an honor to guide you through this. Do you remember who you were? What adjectives would you choose? Lighthearted is not something I have felt in a long time and yet my soul craves it. What did lighthearted feel like? As I am typing, my heart feels quite heavy. Yours might too. I get it. That’s why I am focusing today on that little child living with curiosity, light heartedness and courage. If you don't remember your own childhood, maybe you can recall your own children or children in your extended family. What do you observe?

  • Are they in a rush?

  • Are they self-conscious?

  • Are they afraid to mess up?

  • Are they conscious of people watching them?

  • Are they multitasking?

  • Are they checking what child B is doing?

  • Are they worried about creating a mess?

  • Are they concerned that they are not good enough?

  • Are they worried that they might regret their choice tomorrow?

None of that! They are blissfully unaware of their outside world and are just delighted to be in the moment. When was the last time you experienced that bliss and delight? How awesome would it be to get back to that? Even for a moment?

What is something you loved doing when you were little? Was it being in nature…dancing…singing…painting…making flower wreaths… roller skating… biking… swinging? Is there something on that list that you could try again without a big commitment? Just try it out and see how you feel?

Let's be curious and courageous and blissfully unaware of that negative voice that wants to stop you. I mean, who wants to embarrass herself and be silly like that? But, oh, what if you could feel a glimpse of lightheartedness through it? Would that be worth it?

You decide. I am here for you when you are ready.

Singing provides a true sense of lightheartedness. If I sing when I am alone, I feel wonderful. It's freedom. Andrea Bocelli

PS: Message me for a free consult to start moving toward a more confident you.

You are loved. Deeply loved. Loved beyond measure.

Until next time, Isabelle

Call or write for a free life coaching consultation #732-331-2246

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