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Tuesday Thoughts And Simplified Goal setting

Hi Friends, How are you doing with goal setting? It can be overwhelming, right? Especially, if it is something that you haven’t done in the past. If you are setting the same goals as last year, these could be your reasons why:

  1. They may be too broad.

  2. You aren't motivated by them.

  3. They may be too big and unrealistic.

  4. They aren't yours. They are someone else's.

For example, concerning #1, losing weight, making more money and better relationships are way too broad. Concerning motivation #2: Are they more along the line of "I should..." or are they truly motivating you from your core? Concerning #3, buy a beach house by the end of the year or pay off all my debts might be too big of a goal. You need to break it down, as in, by the end of the year I saved $10K towards my beach house. Or, by the end of this year I paid off $7,000 in debt. Concerning #4, really think about this one. Are they yours or are they goals you think you should have because other people have them? Like own a house, or drive a certain car or have a certain career. This applies to relationship goals also. One of the hardest questions for women to answer (I see that a lot in my clients and myself, too) is...

What do you want? Now, you could stop reading and just answer that one question. It is so important to answer. But you are also welcome to continue reading! I want to give you some practical tips that you can implement right away. The information below was gathered from Terri Savelle Foy and also the Brave Thinking Institute.

  • Sit down for 5-10 minutes daily and write your goals. See if you remember the goals from the day before. Emphasis is on daily!

  • Divide your goals into the following 4 categories:

  1. Health and Well Being

  2. Time and Money

  3. Vocation

  4. Relationships

Let your imagination take you and just write. Then, you will narrow it down to the top 5-10 goals for the year. I chose 5 because everything else would overwhelm me. Terri Savelle inspired me with this challenge: If you could have accomplished one goal in 24 hours, which one would it be? What came to mind? Circle that one and work towards reaching that goal. Oh, yes, it involves effort, discipline, vision, accountability, time, consistency, grit, and much more. Next week I will write about will power and why it doesn't work! To close for today, I want to share one easy, practical tip that will help you move forward toward your bigger dreams and goals. Ready? Have one super simple achievable goal. For example, at a recent vision board party, one lady put a picture of a new wallet on her board. Why? Because she knew she could get that and feel good about having achieved this one small thing. That small action will motivate you and encourage you and propel you forward with renewed motivation. As I am looking up a fitting quote on goals, I am bombarded with things like: set high goals, don't change the goal- change the plan, a goal needs to scare you... Well, I tend to take a softer route than the gurus.

Start small and go from there. It's better than not starting at all. Isabelle For personalized help in figuring out what you truly want, please contact me. Helping you reach down deep and unearth your hidden dreams and help you find confidence in moving toward them, is what I love to do. PS: Message me for a free consult to start moving toward a more confident you.

You are loved. Deeply loved. Loved beyond measure. Until next time, Isabelle

Call or write for a free life coaching consultation #732-331-2246

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